Room Three: Two Twin Beds For Double The Fun

Posted by: admin November 10th, 2016

Room Three Frisco Lodge Two Twin Beds.png

The elevation of Frisco, Colorado is 9075 feet, so we know that after your easy Frisco hike or more difficult journey, you and your traveling buddy will need a place to recharge. Room three offers two twin beds with a vanity corner and a chest of drawers to accommodate your belongings. We have a flatscreen HDTV with Xfinity digital channels make sure you won't miss your favorite programs. This is another one of our European style rooms with a common restroom. Restrooms are located on each end of the hallway. We highly recommend you try our cucumber infused water in our main living room because of the Frisco elevation. Our front desk will be able to help you with any local eatery, dining or outdoor suggestions. We want to make your Frisco, Colorado vacation a memorable one.

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