100 Best Things to do in Colorado (Part Two)

Posted by: admin March 10th, 2020

100 Best Things to do in Colorado (part one)
By Your RV Lifestyle Staff

We teamed up with Your RV Lifestyle to give you the 100 best things to do in Colorado. Read part two of five below.

21. Colorado State Capitol Building

This is found in Denver. It houses the offices of the Governor of Colorado as well as the Lieutenant Governor. The building was started in the 1890s from Colorado white granite and completed in 1894. You may take a tour of the inside where you will see large amounts of Colorado Rose Onyx which is very rare and comes from a nearby quarry.
Look out for the stained-glass windows telling about events related to the history of the state. Allow yourself a half-day to see the building.

22. Mahr Building

You will find this attraction in Telluride. It is the location of Butch Cassidy's first robbery. Cassidy's first theft happened at the San Miguel Valley Bank, where they stole $20,000. The bank burned down some years afterward and was replaced by the Mahr building, which is still remembered by the local inhabitants as the place of the first Butch Cassidy robbery.

23. Casa Bonita

If you want an unusual night out, then head to this landmark in Lakewood. The area is an enormous strip mall built as a replica of a Mexican village. Throughout your meal you may be treated to a typical Mexican Fiesta, followed by gunfights and fire-juggling. The whole evening is a blast of color and music and truly a night to remember!

24. Dougherty Museum

For anyone who enjoys looking at vintage items of any sort, this is a 'must-see'. You will find it in Longmont.
The owner was Ray Dougherty, a local farmer who also collected antiques. After his collection outgrew his farm, the museum opened in 1977. Look for his classic car collection of over 40 including a 1909 Mobile Steamer (known as the first car in the state), and the 1915 Stanley Steamer. You will also see the 1909 Packard. What is amazing about this museum is that every piece is in working condition. Allow a half-day at least to see everything here.

25. American Museum of Western Art

You will find this in Denver. It was originally called the Navarre Building as a school for women. However, it was changed in 1889 and became a brothel featuring an underground secret passage for clients to enter without being seen. The building changed hands several times after that, finally becoming the museum. You will see a massive collection of paintings depicting the American West.

26. Pearl Street Mall

You may also hear this called Downton Boulder, as that is where it is located. It is a four-block pedestrian mall that is home to numerous businesses and restaurants. You will also find the county Courthouse here. Pearl Street is filled with eclectic art, numerous fountains, and sculptures. In the summer months, you will see street performers such as musicians and jugglers. Many of the building is the oldest in the state of Colorado so it is worth spending time looking around there.

27. Cranmer Park Sundial
This is one of the smallest parks in Denver. It has the privilege of being the home of the Chinese style quartz sundial. The sundial was first installed there in 1941, although this was destroyed by vandals. A replica was installed. As it was designed in a typical Chinese style, you will find a polar chart at the base with western features.
The park itself is worth walking around. Even though it is small, it is well-maintained and very pleasant to walk through. Plan on spending the morning or afternoon in this delightful park.

28. The home of Indiana Jones

If you are a fan of his movies, then you will want to see the home of the character of Indiana Jones. You will find it in Antonito. It is in fact a bed and breakfast place, so you can stay a night or so. It is a bright place, with four sections to choose from. You may choose to stay in the Holy Grail, The Crusaders, The Cortex, or The Coronado. Note the mailbox outside the house still attached to the fence, and the picture of Sean Connery over the fireplace.

29. Try some local Cantaloupe

Cantaloupes grow well in Colorado. In fact, local inhabitants think they are simply the best in the world.
You will find them on sale all over the place, and on many menus in restaurants. Netted Gem is the most prolific one and it is slightly larger than most and a lot sweeter. If possible, try to visit in July when they ripen. You will then find Rocky Ford Cantaloupes on every shelf in every supermarket!

30. Breckenridge Snow Sculptures


Once a year this takes place in Breckenridge. It is the competition to carve the best sculpture out of snow.
Competitors have 65 hours to create their masterpieces. You will see fantastic snow scenes such as dragons, scenes, and shapes, all carved from blocks of ice.
If possible, you should try and stay a few days, so you can see the creations taking shape, and then be there for the judging at the end. Be sure to book accommodation in advance.

31. Molly Brown House and Museum

This is also known as the House of Lions, and you will find it in Denver. Molly Brown survived the sinking of the RMS Titanic and was then known as 'the unsinkable Molly Brown'. There are guided tours around the house where you may see many different types of memorabilia, both of Molly herself and from the ship, she sailed in.

32. Edwin Carter Discovery Centre

If taxidermy fascinates you, then be sure to visit here. Edwin Carter was a gold miner who turned his hand to taxidermy. The collection consists of over 3,000 animals. Carter began as an amateur taxidermist and set out to preserve as many specimens as he could. Eventually, his cabin could not house them any longer and they were donated to a museum. The original cabin is also still preserved where visitors can visit and learn about the art of taxidermy. The center regularly has special exhibits of interesting subjects.

33. Pikes Peak

This peak is the highest summit of the southern edge of the Rocky Mountains. You can reach it by going 12 miles west of Colorado Springs. Pikes Peak is one of Colorado's 'Fourteeners' which are mountains higher than 14,000 feet above sea level. There are many hiking trails around the base as well as up the mountain. You should be aware of weather conditions before you head out and be sure to take enough provisions with you. The area is perfect for taking an RV and spending a few days while you hike in the vicinity.

34. Ute Council Tree

This interesting attraction is situated in Delta. It is a giant tree stump that was once a towering cottonwood. Legend has it that Ute Indians held their tribal meetings under this tree. The tree stump is estimated to be over 210 years old, and before it began to fall apart it reached a height of 89 feet into the air. In 2017 the last living branch on the tree fell off and any dead branches were removed so they did not fall on people below. What remains is now just the huge 23-foot trunk as a memorial to the Ute tribe.

35. Vindicator Valley Trail

If you enjoy hiking, then this should be on your list of things to do. The trail starts at the ruins of the Theresa Gold Mine, in Cripple Creek. The trail is 2 miles long, and winds through the Anna J Mine, past many little ruins and brick sheds all related to the old mining area. Be sure to check the weather before you start out, and wear sturdy shoes as the terrain is uneven in many places.

36. Take a Jeep and Raft Tour

These tours are a great idea to see the area. They start in the city of Durango and head out towards Mesa Verde.
The jeep tour takes you through canyons and over rivers in the morning, while the rafting tour in the afternoon. The rafting takes place on the Class III white water river and is famous for the spectacular views.
Make sure you take a change of clothing as well as some warm wear.

37. Nederland Mining Museum

A preserved 1923 Bucyrus Model 50-B steam shovel at the Nederland Mining Museum in Colorado, USA.png

This is found in Nederland and is home to one of the last remaining Panama Canal Steam Shovels, which stands outside the museum. At the time when it was used, it was one of the largest in the world. There are many interesting events and exhibits throughout the year. You will need about a half-day to look around the mine, although the area is interesting with lots of mining history, so is worth spending a full day.

38. Downtown Aquarium

This is found in Denver and used to be named the Ocean Journey Aquarium. The complex is home to 500 different species of marine animals. Make sure that kids get to visit the interactive Stingray Tank where they can touch the rays. The aquarium has a very pleasant restaurant, so you can plan on spending most of the day here.

39. Colorado Model Railroad Museum

This is in Greeley. If you are interested in vintage railways and trains, then make sure you visit this attraction. The train layout is simply amazing, with some of the trains running on most days. For the kids, there is a scavenger hunt to find dinosaurs hidden among the tracks. There are many buttons that you can push to make things happen, such as the Ferris wheel turning, and a forest fire starting to burn. This will take about half the day to visit.

40. Elitch Gardens, theme, and Water Park

This amusement park is found in Denver. During Halloween, they host the haunted house and the Trick or Treat Trail for the smaller kids. Make sure you head for the new rides, these are the Tube Top, Tike Bikes, and the Kiddieland area. The Island Kingdom Family Water Park is great fun for the whole family with a huge family raft ride as well as the lazy river. Allow yourself a full day here, especially if you are visiting with kids.