30 Favorites of Ashley Hoppe

Posted by: admin October 11th, 2018

Get to know our Marketing Manager, Ashley Hoppe with her 30 favorite things.

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I have been working at the Frisco Lodge for two magical years and have many fond memories of my former and returning guests. Each of you brings a colorful energy during your stay and I absolutely love hearing your stories during happy hour. I feel like my cup is filled every day with your positive outlook. It's especially fun to see returning guests for my third winter here in Summit County, Colorado. I enjoy building relationships with all of you and hope to see you this holiday season!

1. Favorite happy hour: Vinny's by far. It's the best restaurant in Summit County and when you order off the "pub menu," after 2 p.m., every menu item is cut in half, portion wise and price wise. It's a steal for the quality you get!

Vinnys Frisco.png

2. Favorite mountain to ride: I personally love Copper Mountain. I felt like the mountain was naturally laid out for various skill levels; perfect for learning how to snowboard.

3. Favorite place to watch a game: The Moose Jaw is my favorite local bar. It has plenty of TV's for you to watch a myriad of sports and is one of the few places in town that is reasonably priced.

4. Favorite place to buy a baby shower gift: I know this one is super niche but Fun and Formal takes the cake. Not only did I find a cute gold plated Aspen bracelet for the mom but I also found a onesie that read, "my 1st fourteener." Sold! 

5. Favorite park in Summit County: Walter Byron is within walking distance to the Frisco Lodge. It's my favorite place to take a quick nature walk. It includes a swingset for the kids, a large lawn to toss a ball to your furry friend, a dramatic background of Little Chief and Buffalo mountain and 10 Mile Creek gushes down the side of the park.

6. Favorite place to snap a Summit selfie: Sapphire Point. The driveable outlook is a nine-minute drive from the Frisco Lodge. It features a stunning view of Dillon Lake and the surround areas. You will feel like a Disney princess/prince as tiny chipmunks pop up from the boulders. Bring a bag of sunflower seeds to feed them right from your hand!

Sapphire Point Overlook.jpg

7. The best place to watch the sunset: Uptown on Main's new rooftop bar. They just completed the bar this last summer and it features a fun vantage point on Main Street Frisco. There are outdoor games and a limited menu for you to snack on as you watch the day fade away. Look towards the Grey and Torrey Mountains for the most spectacular views.

8. Favorite trail to see wildlife: Lily Pad Lake. Fall and Spring are your best opportunities to see wildlife on this trail. Deer and Elk are quite frequently using this trail to get to the drinkable lake at the end. Be careful though, I did see a black bear on this trail.

9. Favorite place to get a massage: Rachel Jones personal masseuse. She is the best at getting the post snowboard pain worked out. I highly recommend her services. Let me know during check-in or at the time of reservation to sercure a massage during your stay.

10. Favorite day trip from the Frisco Lodge: Silver Plume or Guenella Pass. Both are relatively close to each other and have picture perfect stops along the way. Explore Colorado's mining history in Silver Plume or take a colorful Fall drive through the pass. 

11. Favorite fishing spot: Clinton Gulch. They just stocked the reservoir with Tiger trout, one of my favorite Colorado fish to catch! It's a 17-minute drive from the Frisco Lodge. 

12. Favorite furry new friend: Penny the pug! Penny brings joy to staff and guests alike. Visit Penny in the Frisco Lodge office. 

13. Favorite thing about traveling: I love experiencing new things. New cultures, tastes, sounds, and vivid sights are all around you if you have an open mind. Be a "sponge" when you travel and you will soak up amazing adventures.

14. Favorite thing about winter: Snowboarding. I'm a big proponent of tricking your body into exercise. Our winter in Summit County, Colorado offers an array of fun outdoor activities. Riding on a snowboard is my absolute favorite way to get down a mountain; what a rush!

15. Favorite football team: Green Bay Packers. My dad was born in Racine, Wisconsin so I was a Packers fan way before I was even born. Go Pack Go!

16. Favorite childhood food: French onion soup. My mom would make the best homemade french onion soup. It was a labor of love; usually taking two days to prepare and serve. I think that is why I enjoy making homemade goodies for the guests during happy hour.

17. Favorite road trip: My two-week car trip throughout Alaska.

18. Favorite outdoor smell: Fresh rain in the middle of a forest.

19. Favorite movie: I Heart Huckabees.

20. Favorite recipe website: Tasty videos by Buzzfeed. We made our own Tasty like video here!

Loaded Hasselback Potatoes Frisco Lodge.png

21. Favorite day of the week: Sunday Funday

22. Favorite thing to get in my Halloween trick-or-treat bag: I usually don't eat sweets but once a year I can down a whole sleeve of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

23. Favorite tv show to binge: Game of Thrones.

24. Favorite crafting project: This is an easy one you can do with the whole family. Build a snowman and put glow stick eyes in them, quick and effective.

25. Favorite road snack: Beef jerky

26. Favorite piece of advice I've been given: Live below your means.

27. Favorite place to watch the doggies go by: Prosit

28. Favorite song that you can toe tap all day to: Better Together, Jack Johnson

29. Favorite place to hang my hammock: Lake Dillon Marina 


30. Favorite happy hour: Frisco Lodge of course! We have the best happy hour in Summit County. Two free glasses of wine and hors-d'oeuvres every evening.