5 Colorful Colorado Activities to do in the Summer

Posted by: admin May 4th, 2018

Written by guest writer Dylan Moskowitz

Known as “The Centennial State” and surrounded by the Rocky Mountains lies the gorgeous state of Colorado. Usually known for its winter activities, the state has also become a popular place to explore during the summer season. Because of the diversity of the state’s landscape, it is quite easy to do various activities in the area.  

In this article, I have highlighted a list of five activities to do during a Colorado summer. 

Colorado Summer Activities.png

Hiking Trails

If you are a person who loves to hike, then you are in luck! Colorado has many trails that will challenge your physical fitness while at the same time will allow you to enjoy some spectacular views. Some of the top trails in the state are Bison Peak and Longs Peak. An interesting fact about each of these trails is that their respective summits measure over 7,000 feet. Talk about feeling like you are an eagle soaring in the sky when you reach the top! However, before you embark on any trails, be sure to consult a doctor to see if you are physically fit to hike. Once your doctor gives you confirmation that you are ready, be sure to read about the difficulties of each hiking trail you would like to climb. From your research, you will be able to make a more informed decision about which hiking trails best suits your abilities. Also, be sure to take and drink plenty of water, wear sunscreen, and a hat. The last thing you want to experience on your summer vacation in Colorado has become dehydrated and sunburned. For more detailed questions about trails in Colorado, be sure to ask the local park rangers. Their knowledge will be invaluable when you hike the state’s diverse trails.

4 Wheel Drive Tour

Besides viewing Colorado from above, you are also able to get equally amazing views on the ground. Blazing Adventures provides half-day Jeep tours in the morning and the afternoon. Additionally, each tour provides a unique experience for people who may have different interests. The rates for the Jeep tours range from $98 to $143 for children and $113 to $153 for adults.  

Gold Mine Tour

Another known summer activity in the state of Colorado is touring gold mines. One of the gold mines to visit is the active Hidee Gold Mine. Here, you will be able to see how gold is mined. One of the great things about this Colorado landmark is that you will be able to mine for your own gold. Who knows? You may perhaps be one of the lucky ones who finds a gold nugget. Additionally, Hidee is within a day’s drive from other areas, such as Denver and Estes, Park. In May, the goldmine is open 7 days a week from 1:45 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. However, the site has extended hours in June and July, which are 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Wine Tours

It is not just Napa Valley that is known for producing fine wines, Colorado has several of their own respective wineries too. A few of the local wineries in the area are Blue Mountain Vineyards, BookCliff Vineyards, and Stonebridge Farm Winery. Each of these local wineries offers their own unique flavors for purchase.The wine tours are great to experience, especially if you are visiting Colorado with your significant other.  

Abandoned Town Tours

The last activity mentioned in our Colorado summer activity guide is touring abandoned towns. A few towns to explore while visiting are St. Elmo, Teller City, Vicksburg, and Silverton. Each of these towns represents Colorado’s historical gold and silver periods. If you are a history buff, these abandoned towns are one thing that you for sure do not want to miss. 

As you can clearly see, the state of Colorado is not just a destination during the winter months. There are also plenty of activities to experience during the summer time. To prepare for an unforgettable Colorado adventure, be sure to know your interests. From your lists of interests, you will be able to put together a list of activities that you will certainly enjoy. If you are road tripping to Colorado, it is highly suggested to travel in a car that runs on alternative energy. The environment and your wallet will thank you for it. The next time you are visiting the Western region of the United States, head on over to the “Centennial State”. You will not regret it.