5 Tips for Your First Solo Adventure

Posted by: admin April 4th, 2018

5 Tips For Your First Solo Adventure

By Neil Kleise www.trip101.com

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So you’ve been itching to take a vacation. And not just any run of the mill vacation, but something more thrilling that would give you memories for ages. The thing is, you may not have friends and loved ones who may share that desire to travel like that. So that will leave you to make plans for this grand adventure by yourself. It’s not as daunting as you’d think – there’s a slew of people who take solo trips all the time. It can prove to be fully exhilarating and liberating. Of course, you need to plan heavily for this to be the case.
In this article, check out these five tips that will help make your first solo trip a fantastic one.

Get The Best Fares Possible.
Part of the battle to ensure you’re going to have a great solo adventure lies in getting the best airfare to your destination. By now, you should already know about travel websites such as Expedia and Orbitz that provide airfare rates along with hotel rates in addition to car rentals. But these only scratch the surface of what you can find flight-wise. The next level lies in sites that are pure flight aggregators – websites that compile all of the flights available based on the timeframe you select. Then all of these flights are presented from the cheapest available to the most expensive. Websites such as Kayak and Fly.com are among the most frequented, and actually, have other factors that can help narrow your search that much more in order to get the best deal such as whether you want a nonstop flight or are willing to deal with one or two layovers. One other thing to consider with these websites – at times you may be directed to book with third-party travel companies who arrange these flight itineraries from the website that you first visit.

Pack As Light As Possible.
You want to take this trip to feel free, and you won’t get that if you find yourself packing too much. Look at the trip you have planned – for example, if you’re going to be essentially doing a lot of outdoor activities during that time, backpacking might be your best option. That will basically leave you with one bag to carry on and one larger bag to check in. And given the fact that baggage fees on airlines are still in flux, it might be the best way to keep money in your pocket as you get underway.

Safety Is A Must.
Being safe is definitely a high priority, especially when you’re traveling solo. Being by yourself on a trip means that you won’t have someone else to watch your back when it comes to scammers and other predatory behavior you may encounter. Before you set out, make it a point to learn all you can about where you’re going. This includes little details such as how much the average cost is for transportation by taxi from the airport to where you’re staying, learning about any public transportation options there and also where one shouldn’t venture. Try not to stand out so much as a tourist – don’t go overboard on wearing flashy jewelry for example. Keep your valuables locked away, and pick lodgings that have safes or lockboxes. Also, if you’re traveling out of the country, get all of the information for your embassy in the place where you’re going. Lastly, keep an eye out for any health alerts and make sure someone back home has a copy of your full itinerary.

Aim For A Bed & Breakfast Instead Of A Vacation Rental.

There’s nothing better than waking up in the morning to the smell of a hot cup of espresso, paired with fresh Belgian waffles and a dollop of syrup. The best thing about living in a Bed & Breakfast? You do not have to prepare it yourself. You can leave it into the professional hands of your hosts as you prepare for the exciting day ahead. Choose to have it in your room for a lazy morning, or head down and join the rest of the guests. One of the best thing about traveling alone is the chance to meet new people, and sharing a meal lets you share stories in a warm and cozy environment.

On a more practical note, Bed & Breakfast operators are registered and hold permits, as opposed to most vacation rentals. Be greeted at the front desk as you check in and know that there’s a dedicated housekeeping staff making sure that your room is nice and clean. While vacation rentals promise a host of facilities for you to use, as a solo traveler, you will hardly find yourself utilizing them. A simple room at a Bed & Breakfast is perfect for your needs, and your wallet will thank you for that choice as well.

Eat Out Alone And Like It.
Being by yourself on a trip also means you get to combat another thing that many are adverse to – eating by yourself. Referred to at times as solomangarephobia, dining solo might be daunting on your first trip. There are ways for you to get past it, though. For starters, if you’re going to a local restaurant, see if you can eat at the bar instead of being in the dining room. You’ll feel less isolated. Have a book with you, to keep your mind off of feeling like everyone’s looking at you. Take the opportunity to strike up some conversation with the waitstaff, who can really help you tap into the flavor of where you’re visiting and can give you great information about the dishes you’ll be ordering.

Don’t Get Charged Double.
This last tip is mostly for those who are booking tours or hotel accommodations and even passage on cruise ships. If you’re booking a solo trip, they may try to essentially charge you through a single supplement
policy to make up for the fact that it’ll be only one person booked. You could wind up shelling out even more as a result. Make it a point to look for single rooms and single occupancy rates