8 Summit County Pet Friendly Trails

Posted by: admin August 27th, 2019

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A walking retreat for you and your pet is the best way to spend time with your furry friend and to absorb the positive energy of nature. A lot of people prefer hiking trails for walking with their pets, but on most trails, dogs and pets are not allowed. Here in the article are eight of the pet-friendly hiking trails that you can enjoy within Summit County. This area offers a variety of parks that enclose lakes and forests and are best to take a hike with your furry friend.

1. French Gulch

The French Gulch was discovered as a gold-bearing mine in the 19th century and is famous because of its rich components of silver, zinc, gold, and lead. You will see private cabins along the way and pass by the pleasant sun with a breath-taking view of the Bald Mountain.

2. Crystal Lakes Trail

The Crystal Lakes Trail is a hiking trail just by the White River National Forest and is a beautiful trail which is completely pet-friendly! The trail is filled with the beautiful sight of wildflowers across the alpine meadow in the months of June to September. It has amazing cool areas where you and your furry friend can enjoy a cold drink of water.

3. Gold Run Nordic Centre

The Gold Run Nordic Centre is a small trail that consists of light slopes which are ideal for taking your furry friend along. The Peabody Placer and Preston Loop are perfect trails for a dog. The best part is that the Gold Run Nordic Centre offers skijoring clinics where you and your pet can learn about hiking, and additionally, you can also learn ice skating, sleigh rides, ski, etc. 

4. Mohawk Lake Trail

The Mohawk Lake Trail is a pet-friendly trail with beautiful scenery along the way. It climbs through lodgepole, spruce and fir forest and leads finally to the Lower Mohawk Lake along the mountain walls.  

5. Blue River Bikeway

The Blue River Bikeway is one of the best trails and is a result of the project of Rails-to-Trails Controversy. This means, that previously this trail used to be a railroad corridor, and now it is a beautiful path to hike with your pet.

6. McCullough Gulch

This is a trail that goes along with a glacial lake along with the beautiful series of majestic waterfalls along the way. This is a pet-friendly trail situated along the White River National Forest that will take about 2 hours to complete. 

7. Old Dillon Reservoir 

This trail is a short hike up the hills that eventually ends at a pool-like reservoir known as the Old Dillon Reservoir. This may seem like a small lake, but with its beautiful views and calm waters, it is one of the many great options for taking your furry friend along for a hike.

8. Chihuahua Gulch and Lake Trail 

This trail runs along the White River National Forest. It encloses small ponds and a stream along its way which makes it an adventurous and enjoyable trail for your pet because of the easy path and cool water for refreshment.

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