Airbnb vs Frisco Lodge

Posted by: admin February 19th, 2020

Frisco Lodge vs AirBnB

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There’s a new trend in lodging that has emerged.  Airbnb is a service that pairs guests with a host who welcomes them in their home.  This market is a good fit for people who want to literally “feel at home” in someone else’s residence.  I personally have used the service in addition to hotels, hostels, and bed and breakfast establishments.  There are pros and cons to each lodging type.  Everyone is searching for the best rate possible, but remember that value is also very important because it can greatly enhance your experience.  Here are some things to consider when choosing where to stay:

Frisco Lodge:  established in 1885, this historic building has been in operation since the earliest gold rushes in Colorado.  Here are some reasons to choose Frisco Lodge for your stay in Summit County:

Location-  corner of 4th and Main St in the heart of Frisco, several great restaurants, bars, and shopping within a short walking distance

Professionalism-  Susan Wentworth has owned and operated it since 1980.  She takes wonderful care of her employees who in turn give a great experience to the guests

Good eats-  the lodge employs a professional chef who prepares a gourmet breakfast as well as delicious hors-d'oeuvres and wine for their apres ski

Hot tub-  maintained daily and kept piping hot despite sub-zero wind chills in the winter.  This is the ultimate relaxation after a long cold day on the mountain

Value-  higher price, but much more is included with your stay

Airbnb:  American company founded in 2008.  Rising popularity among the younger demographic due to the laid-back atmosphere and cool factor.

Price-  due to the low operating costs, hosts are able to provide competitive prices 

Unique experience-  guests can read messages sent by the host in addition to past reviews.  This can help find a host who has similar interests and might even join you for activities around town.

Non-traditional amenities-  because it is someone’s home, there is potential for finding some interesting perks that you won’t find in traditional lodging establishments
Remember to focus on more than just the price when planning your Colorado vacation.  It’s important to stick to a budget, but it’s more important to treat yourself to a well thought out trip (live a little!).  You work hard all year to have the opportunity to travel and have new experiences, so make the best of it!  Airbnb is a good choice, but the people hosting typically have little experience in lodging.  Frisco Lodge is guaranteed to give you a memorable experience that you’ll reflect fondly on for years to come.