Baby on Board: What to Keep in Mind When Traveling With a Toddler

Posted by: admin March 27th, 2020

Traveling with a toddler, whether for fun or necessity, can be a real challenge. Although their bright eyes love to see new sights, the rules and constraints of travel don't always work well with their strong personalities and high energy levels. However, by keeping a few key tips in mind, you can make things significantly less stressful for both you and your little one.

Pack the Essentials

One of the biggest hassles when traveling with a toddler is packing everything you need to take with you. The costs can add up quickly by the time your car is full of diapers, wipes, toys, and extra outfits. Consider the benefits of a convertible car seat when traveling with a toddler. This versatile item will allow you to convert it from a backward-facing seat when your child is an infant to a forward-facing seat once they become a toddler, saving you plenty of time and money. A quality seat protector can help protect your car from the inevitable messes that they will make as well.

Try to Stick to a Schedule

Although toddlers are naturally curious and love to explore the world around them, they also need structure and routine in their days. Make sure you organize your travel around things like meals and nap times so that you don't find yourself with a cranky kid on your hands. Try not to wake them up too much earlier than you normally would, and get back to your lodging close to their usual bedtime, taking into consideration any time-zone changes. By sticking to your normal routine as closely as possible, you'll make the experience much more enjoyable for the whole family.

Choose Toddler-Friendly Activities

Nobody likes to feel left out, and toddlers are no different! When planning your trip, make sure to include plenty of appropriate activities that they will enjoy too. This might mean lots of outdoor events where they can run and play, museums with child-friendly sections, or restaurants that will have food that they'll want to eat. No one in the family is going to have fun if you're spending the entire time trying to chase down your toddler in the middle of a fancy shop or shushing them at a swanky restaurant. It's easier than ever today to find activities that the whole family can enjoy together while traveling.

Bring Some Comforts From Home

Whether it's a favorite pair of pajamas or a stuffed animal that they always sleep with, having a small piece of home with them can bring a lot of comfort and reassurance to small children when they're traveling. Although they have their family with them, it's nice to have something that's just theirs that they recognize from home. Perhaps it's a fun backpack that's usually reserved for daycare but holds a few toys for them on a trip. Or, they might appreciate having a beloved sippy cup that they use all the time at home with them as you travel. This reminder of home can go a long way toward keeping toddlers calm and happy.

Have Plenty of Snacks on Hand

If there's one thing that will stop a trip in its tracks, it's a hungry toddler! Especially when exploring new environments, their little tummies can get hungry more easily from all the excitement around them. Keep lots of snacks on hand to keep them happy during long car trips. In addition, stocking plenty of their favorite grab-and-go foods in your hotel room will fulfill any late-night requests that you might have trouble finding in a strange city.

Figure Out How to Keep Them Happy

Toddlers are known for their energetic natures, and keeping them cooped up in a car or an airplane can be a recipe for disaster if you're not prepared. No matter how much stuff you're already bringing, be sure to pack a bag full of their favorite activities. Small toys and games can be great for the car, and picture books are a good way to keep them occupied on planes. If your toddler is an only child, consider having one parent sitting in the backseat with them while the other one drives. It's easier this way to play interactive games, look at the scenery around you on the road, or comfort them if they get cranky. Although kid's music may not be your first pick on the radio, it's an easy compromise if it keeps them smiling and happy the whole way to your destination.

Traveling with a toddler can test the patience of even the most seasoned parent. Still, there are many different ways you can accommodate them to ensure the trip goes smoothly and is memorable for everyone. If you are sure to plan and pack carefully, your whole family will enjoy every moment of your travels.

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