Be Well on Your Frisco Colorado Vacation: Wellness Tips & Strategies for the High Country

Posted by: admin August 12th, 2015

A vacation to the Colorado high country can be a great way to unplug, unwind and escape the hectic daily routines of every day life. For that matter, a vacation to just about anywhere can accomplish the same thing, but once you rise above 9,000 feet there are some inherent strategies to build wellness and health into your trip so that you go home feeling like a million bucks. Here are five our our favorite methods:

Be-Aware-of-Altitude.jpg1. Be Aware of the Altitude

Especially important if you are coming from sea level, the first 24 hours at high altitude are the most important to acclimating well. If you don’t pay heed to this advice, it can make or break your trip. We have a previous blog (Altitude Sickness: Know What to Do Before It Does You In) on the best ways to deal with the extreme altitude at our Frisco bed & breakfast, but the major points include drinking plenty of water, keeping alcohol consumption to a minimum and eating well-rounded meals. If you do happen to experience altitude sickness there are many options outlined in the blog post, but it is much better to ward of the sickness before it gets to you.

2. Savor the Spa Experience

Begin the day, or unwind at the end of the day, with a massage that will help get you in the right frame of mind – the vacationing frame of mind! Summit County has many talented massage therapists to help you achieve that feeling of “Zen,” but The Spa at Breckenridge would be our first choice with its ease of access at the base of Breckenridge Ski Resort’s Snowflake Lift and a variety of services from Swedish Massages to Deep Tissue Massages to a “Jetlag Cure.” They even offer day packages for those of you looking to delve deeper into the spa experience.

Whole-Foods-Market-Frisco3. Celebrate Organic

As mentioned above, not only will eating well-rounded and healthy meals help alleviate altitude sickness, it will add to your overall wellness and ability to take advantage of all that Frisco and Summit County has to offer. Multiple Summit County restaurants offer up organic choices on their menus, but the newly constructed Whole Foods Market in Frisco is a great place to grab fresh produce, aged meats, seafood, gluten-free products, salad bar, fresh made sushi, pizza and prepared foods to fuel your adventures. At 9,097 feet, this is the highest Whole Foods Market in the world that allows you to eat in a gondola cabin or fire-heated patio as an added bonus. If you are heading up the highway 9 miles into Breckenridge, the Breckenridge Market & Liquor store also has a wide selection of organic, natural, gourmet and Colorado-only products. Not only can you shop for groceries, but the deli will construct delicious sandwiches while you wait and the liquor store will advise you on what will pair well with your dinner or lunch selection. Just a few minutes from our Frisco hotel, during the summer months you can also head to the Dillon Farmer’s Market every Friday from 9am – 2pm for a ton of organic produce and a plethora of other food choices.

4. Meditate and Stretch


Whether or not you partake in yoga or meditation, if you are curios, this might be the time to try it out. Summit County’s yoga scene includes numerous studios and some of the top meditation and yoga instructors in the country. Add in the majestic and beautiful scenery and this would be the time to start off your trip and elevate it into a transformative experience. One unique Summit County yoga offering is Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga from Meta Yoga Studios during the summer months. Transcend your mountain spirit on Maggie Pond in Breckenridge or on Lake Dillon in Dillon for a truly magical experience.

Pamper-Yourself5. Pamper Yourself

If you don’t necessarily jive with the whole “spa experience,” why not have the spa come to you? There is a company in Breckenridge – A Spa Ahhfair Mobile Spa & Massage – that brings the spa to you all over Summit County with massages, facials, skin care and nail salon services. This can be a great way to rejuvenate you way into your vacation.