Complete This Essential Home Checklist Before Leaving on Vacation

Posted by: admin April 2nd, 2020

When it comes to going on vacation, most people are extra careful in planning each and every excursion. They make sure that the plane tickets are booked on the right date, that hotels and transportation are ready for when they get there, and that everything in between is handled. However, one of the most common things that people tend to neglect is their home safety checklist. Leaving your home for a long period of time can attract a variety of dangers; therefore, the following list includes essential areas of your home to check before heading out for your vacation.

Protect Your Home

One of the most common misconceptions about your electric outlets is that if the appliance or device isn't being used, then it's not wasting nor using energy. The fact is that anything plugged in is constantly using energy. Not only should you disconnect them in order to save money, but you can also save your home in the event that a power surge occurs. Unplug unnecessary appliances to prevent the risk of fires. Another thing you should disconnect is your main water valve. Leaks happen, and if there is no one there to turn it off, it can really put a damper on your vacation when your neighbor or your local police call.


You might be thinking, why clean? Nobody is going to see your home, nor are you going to be using it. Trust us; you'll thank yourself when you come home to fresh linens, a clean kitchen, and no trash to throw out. After all, the last thing you want to do is clean your home after you've been sitting at airports, riding on planes, and driving all day.

Stop Mail Service

Would-be thieves have plenty of ways to find out if you are home or not. If they can't look into your garage or spot any activity inside, then they will look out for your mail. An accumulation of mail within your mailbox can instantly tell a thief that you are not home, and nobody is checking on you. Thus it is important to stop your mail service for the duration of your vacation. Speak with your local post office, and the staff can easily grant you this request.

Going on vacation is one of the best feelings, but you know what isn't? Coming home to a damaged or dirty home. Thus, it is highly recommended to adhere to the tips listed above in order to keep your vacation enjoyable and your home intact by the time you get home.

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