Disc Golf with a View

Posted by: admin July 19th, 2016

Frisco disc golf.Many people thrive in Colorado because the Rocky Mountains offer an outlet for extreme adventuring. But, you don't need to trek to a remote part of the mountains and spend a weekend in a tent to be considered a weekend warrior. A day spent in the great outdoors of Summit County doesn’t mean you have to conquer the 14,265 feet of Mt. Quandary or spend a day painstakingly paddling the length of Lake Dillon on a stand up paddle board.

In fact, one of the most exhilarating local activities to partake in this summer is located only a few miles from our downtown Frisco bed and breakfast, it requires only a couple miles of easy walking, yet offers some of the most beautiful views and photo ops to be found in the Colorado High Country. I’m talking about Frisbee golf at the Peak One Disc Golf course – and before you say to your computer screen, “no way, Frisbee golf is for nerds,” let me tell YOU – this will become your new favorite outdoor hobby. (And, if you are a beginner, here are some great newbie tips.)

The Peak One Disc Golf Course

Peak One Disc Golf CourseOffering up 18 holes and gorgeous views, this course is free of charge. All you need is to pick up your own equipment. For beginners, a mid-range disc is recommended until you get the hang of throwing varying distances, at which point it might be wise to invest in a driver (for long-distance holes) and a putter (for inching up to the hole). The Peak One course is open seven days a week from 6:00am – 10:00pm throughout the season, making sunset games a very real possibility! 

My favorite thing about this course is that holes are always being changed up. One day you might have to send your disc straight down the fairway, and the next you might need to angle it around a cluster of pines. The course is just a little different each time you play, varying in different levels of difficulty and excitement. Hole #8 even requires you to carefully toss your disc over a Lake Dillon inlet (aim carefully or you’ll be going for a swim)!

In addition to 18 interesting holes, the Peak One Disc Golf course provides some interesting features along the way, from intriguing beetle kill to manmade teepee structures for those in need of a sit-down break out of the summer sun. The breathtaking views include panoramas of the Ten Mile Range (take great photographs of Peak One) and incredible vistas of sailboats out on Lake Dillon (you can even dip your toes in for a quick cool off – that’s how close the course is to the Lake – but you didn’t hear that from us!)

So, if you’re planning a Colorado High Country getaway, grab a disc and head over to the Peak One Disc golf course for an afternoon – the experience won’t disappoint. Happy discing!