Family Fun at Woodward Copper

Posted by: admin October 12th, 2019

Fun Activities For Teens To Do In Woodward at Copper Mountain

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When you are taking kids and teenagers for a day out, you need to have a plan in mind. Children and teenagers can be hard to handle at places of natural beauty because at this age and in this world, they are prone to the simple beauty of nature. For a trip to Woodward Park at Copper Mountain, here are some fun activities you can engage the children and teenagers in so they can have fun while spending a day out in nature. 

The Woodward Activity Center

Woodward Copper is an action sport and youth paradise located at Copper Mountain Resort in the heart of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Located just a quick five-minute drive from the Frisco Lodge, Woodward Copper offers year-round skiing and snowboarding on real Colorado snow, plus a 19,400 ft indoor training facility with skateparks, Olympic-grade trampolines, foam pit jumps, an indoor ski, and snowboard training and more.

Woodward Copper has programs for everyone, even those with no prior sports experience. Skiers, snowboarders, skateboarders, BMXers, mountain bikers, scooter riders, cheer and tumble athletes and more will all find something awesome and FUN to do at Woodward Copper. Their state of the art training tools and professional staff will help you identify and achieve your goals, and their world-class facilities and parks will leave your kids in awe.

The Big Snow Playground

When you are going out in winters to the mountains, make sure to spare some time to play with the snow. Children and teenagers are active and energetic, and at this age, they all love to play and fight with snow. The big playground at Woodward, Copper Mountain is covered with snow and is free to visit. For children, it is recommended to supervise them while they play whereas teenagers are good to go on their own. Here, you can also have a nice picnic together, roast some marshmallows and have fun.

Rocky Mountain Coaster

The Rocky Mountain Coaster is a fun roller coaster ride and is one of the longest coaster rides in North America. The Rocky mountain coaster runs both in summers and winters, so it is an all-year activity which is not bound to seasons. However, when you are taking teenagers and kids for a trip there, be sure to reserve tickets beforehand because there are limited tickets every day.  

Skiing and Sledding

Woodward at Copper Mountain is a park for all ages, an is especially made for people to enjoy winters at their fullest. Here, you can go for skiing with your friends and family because of the park which consists of slopes and slows, creating it an exciting place to ski. For children and teenagers, there is also the option to sled! Sledding is always fun especially for kids, and it is also an alternative for teenagers who do not know how to ski. Other than this, it is also a great place for ski experts to have fun and practice. 

The Tubing Hill

The Tubing Hill is also one of the very fun activities at Copper Mountain. Here, you can opt for a chairlift ride to reach the destination for a tubing hill. All ages are allowed here but for children and teenagers under 18, a consent form signed by a guardian is required. Children and teenagers are required to ride their own tubes instead of sharing it with someone for a safe and fun experience.  

Ice Skating for All

What can be a better place to Ice Skate than at Copper Mountain? Here in summers, the ice is thin so ice skating may not be allowed, however in winter it is one of the most popular activities, especially for children and teens! They can bring their own skated or rent them by the shop nearby.