Football Season in the High Country

Posted by: admin August 26th, 2016

watching-football-barFootball season is upon us and there’s no better place to kick back and watch the games than surrounded by beautiful yellowing aspens and majestic mountain views. So, plan your next Summit County escape to coincide with the first football Sunday of the year (September, 11). With hundreds of local bars, pubs and grills, Summit County boasts some of the best spots to enjoy a cold one with pizza, nachos and chicken wings (or fine dining if that’s your thing) while rooting for your favorite team. Here’s the shortlist of the local bars we can’t wait to catch the game at this season. For even more great local spots to catch a game at this year, check our list from last season. And remember: be safe, drink responsibly, and book your stay at the Frisco Lodge this football season for close proximity to some of the best sports bars in Colorado.

Boatyard American Grill - Frisco

If you enjoy tantalizing your tastebuds while the game’s on, head over to The Boatyard on Main Street in Frisco for all your favorite classic dishes with just the right twist to get your mouth watering! Better yet, enjoy your game and grub in peace as this Frisco establishment never gets as rowdy as some of the other sports bars around town. But, don’t let that stop you from enjoying a few cold brews or cocktails (it’s hard not to take full advantage of the food and drink specials that run all day long). The Boatyard in Frisco is located 150 feet from our front door, so book your stay with us this fall and don’t worry about arranging a designated driver! With TVs in every direction, The Boatyard is the ideal spot to kick back, relax, and enjoy the game. 

rsz_boatyard_frisco.jpgOllie's Pub & Grub - Frisco & Breckenridge 

This Summit County favorite boasts two popular locations in both Frisco and Breckenridge, and if you like your football spectating to feel like a party, Ollie's is the place for you! Both Summit County destinations cater to the inner party animal in all of us. Yes - even during those 11 am Sunday football games. At Ollie's, no one will look at you funny for grabbing a beer before noon, just as long as football is on. And, no matter which team you root for, Ollie's is YOUR bar. With a lineup of high def TVs (and Colorado craft beer), every major sports package and even a big screen projector, rest easy knowing you wont miss a moment of your favorite team’s game.

Moosejaw - Frisco

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” What Moosejaw in Frisco lacks in fine dining and fancy cocktails, it makes up for in character, charm, and an all around good time. You won’t find any bars like this in Breckenridge (or any tourists here for that matter). Moosejaw is a local’s favorite - maybe for the dirt cheap drinks or maybe for the classic “dive bar” atmosphere. Either way, Moosejaw is certainly not for the faint of heart (although it does offer some of the juiciest burgers with the best steak cut fries you’ll ever have). It is however, for all you pool sharks, beer drinkers, those who love a good surprise in the form of a "bartender’s shot special," and an all-around authentic mountain experience! Located just feet from our bed & breakfast, Moosejaw is ideal this fall for all you Denver Broncos fans, or anyone who simply enjoys watching whatever big game is on.  

rsz_1football_broncos.jpgBreckenridge Brewery - Breckenridge 

For the ultimate lineup of TVs and beer, head on over to the Breckenridge Brewery on Breckenridge’s South Main Street. If the game coincides, you can take advantage of some incredible lunch specials while indulging in Summit County’s most famous brewery. No matter what football team or style of beer you fancy, the Breckenridge Brewery is your one-stop shop for the ultimate beer and football Sunday. You’ll want to try every single one of the Brewery’s home-brewed beers, especially the world-famous Vanilla Porter. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, take your very own walking tour of Main Street, Breckenridge before or after the game to soak in one of the Country’s greatest mountain towns.

Kenosha - Breckenridge

Don’t you just wish Summit County offered a safe space, free from judgement and criticism? I’m looking at you, New England fans! While Kenosha isn’t technically a Patriots bar (you can catch every NFL game on at the establishment) they tend to be an East Coast hangout with the Pats always up on one of the big screens. So yes, you can wear your Tom Brady jersey without fear of being heckled (at least not too much). Even if you’re not Team Belichick, Kenosha is a great spot to catch any NFL game. It’s never too rowdy and the food is incredible, making it the perfect spot for a date lunch/night while secretly catching the game over her shoulder. But, it’s also perfect for getting a group together to watch the game. Incredible happy hour specials every day from 3-6 with an impressively large lineup of draft beers makes Kenosha one of the best spots in Breckenridge to chow down and drink up while rooting for your favorite team.