Four Places to Bring Your Winter Date

Posted by: admin February 11th, 2017

Planning a mountain getaway with your special someone? Let us guide you through some of the fun winter adventures you can explore in Summit county. We put together our top four places to bring your winter date. #ExploreSummit

Plan a picnic around Lake Dillon

Lake Dillon picnic.jpg

Even in the winter, you can park at either marina and hike to a picnic spot. There are plenty of designated fire pits and stunning scenic views for you to lay your blanket down on. Frisco or Silverthorne have grocery and liquor stores for supplies. 

Pro tip: get flowers at our local florist for an extra special touch.

Go on a snowmobile adventure

snowmobile dating.jpg

We have a few local companies that can take you and your date through the winter terrain in style. Rip through tree lines and fresh powder. Feel the exhilaration of the pine permeated atmosphere through your hair as your roar through each turn. You will need a physical and mental break after this adventure.

Get a couples massage


Across the street from our bed and breakfast is a massage parlor. Schedule a massage for the both of you to melt away the stresses of everyday life.

Relax in our hot tub

Hot Tub

End the night with bubbles! One of the amenities we have the Frisco Lodge is our outdoor hot tub. Our steaming, bubbly and soothing hot tub will relax you from your previous outings. During happy hour, enjoy two glasses of complimentary wine while you soak.

Looking to buy the ultimate Valentine's Day add-on? Check out what the Frisco Lodge has to offer for your special day.