Frisco Lodge, an Extraordinary Option in Summit County

Posted by: admin June 20th, 2017

Frisco Lodge Deluxe RoomFrisco, Colorado is considered to be one of the main attractions of Summit County. Planning a trip there can be a real enjoyable experience of life. One of the comfortable ways to make your trip all the more memorable is making arrangements at luxurious resorts.

Take your family along and make your trip mesmerizing by staying at these well maintained resorts. One such lodge is Frisco Lodge which has exquisite accommodation options. Exceptional hospitality and services are some of the qualities attributed to the lodge.

Frisco Lodge is counted among the best resorts in Summit County, Colorado. One can enjoy the Summit County festivals as well as rich Summit County wildlife views while enjoying a relaxed stay at Frisco Lodge.

Options for Rooms 

Frisco Lodge provides different kinds of rooms depending upon your requirements and family members. You can opt for En Suite Deluxe Rooms. These rooms can have 1 double and 2 single beds for 4 occupants. Secondly, the room can hold 1 queen and 1 day bed with 3 occupants. You can also take 1 double bed for 2 occupants. Finally, if you want to have the room for 5 occupants, you can avail 2 bedroom suite for the room. One can enjoy cable TV or DVD service, Wifi, and phone services.

Another option for the room is classic and classic deluxe rooms. These rooms have shared bath services and include DVD/cable, Wifi and phone service. 

Other two kinds of rooms are North Lodge and North Lodge Deluxe rooms and the Cottage. The North Lodge includes private bath while the Cottage offers outdoor yard friendly area for your pet.

Frisco Lodge has a long history of tradition, culture, and rich heritage. The Lodge offers best accommodations at very reasonable costs. Depending upon your pocket, you can avail the rooms and services at the lodge. 


Breakfast at the Frisco lodge is a luxurious treat which includes delicacies like Belgian Waffles, fresh fruit, pastries, and gourmet dishes. They also offer a variety of juices and coffee as per the customer’s taste. Serene and warm atmosphere makes the breakfast experience all the more wonderful. A complimentary glass of wine awaits the guests after a series of activities. In winters, soup bar along with homemade breads await the guests. 

Fresco Lodge truly lives to its signature quite ‘A home away from home’ and makes your stay at Summit County a fantastic experience.