Get to Know our New Intern: Milana Mikanvic

Posted by: admin August 15th, 2018

Milana Mikanovic Intern at the Frisco Lodge.png 

We met Milana two months ago fresh off the plane from Serbia at the DIA airport. When she first started working here we had a ton of Google Translate interactions. As each day passed her grasp on English became increasingly better. There was a clear improvement from week to week. To a point where I started saying fun catchphrases like, "see you later alligator," and she would reply, "after a while crocodile." It's been fun sharing cultures with each other. Frisco, Colorado is her first experience in the United States and we were curious how she was enjoying her time here.

"I am Milana Milanovic. I am 22 years old and I am from Serbia. I applied for work and travel program because I would like to gain new experience in different jobs, to meet some new people, travel around the USA and to learn English. I choose to come to the state of Colorado because I love mountains and nature. In my free time, I like to ride my bike. When I arrived in Colorado, the first thing I saw was the mountains that surrounded me. Nature and mountains views are beautiful. People in Colorado are very kind and they want to help.

Visit Milana and the rest of the family, at the Frisco Lodge, "Your Home Away From Home."