Get Out on Summit County's Lake Dillon this Summer

Posted by: admin June 16th, 2016

While the lake is still cold, it’s not too cold for summertime water recreation! June through September is prime season for enjoying a gorgeous day out on Lake Dillon. While general swimming is not allowed, there are dozens of other ways to get out and enjoy the water. Here are a few our favorite:

paddleboard.jpgPaddle Boarding

Gym fanatics – are you ready for the most intense arm and core workout of your life? Paddle boarding is the perfect recreational activity for those who prefer a little muscle building during their weekend downtime. Paddle and explore all over Lake Dillon at a leisurely pace! The pursuit can be a little tricky for first timers, but it only takes a few minutes to get a hang of balancing, and then you’re good to go. Not only is the paddling motion great exercise for your arms, but the combination of paddling and balancing on the board will have you sporting washboard abs in no time. You can rent paddle boards in Summit County at Frisco Bay Marina, Ten Mile Creek Kayaks and KODI Rafting


Another great upper body workout, a day of kayaking on Lake Dillon offers some fantastic exploration and even better photo ops (just be sure to take along a dry bag for your camera). Explore the Lake’s inlets and islands and venture to hidden areas of the county. You can even go on your very own kayak-beer-hop, starting at the Island Grill in Frisco for a cold one before paddling over to the Tiki Bar in Dillon for an original Pug Ryan’s brew! Kayaking is ideal for all you fishermen and women out there, as you can access the shallower areas of Lake Dillon via kayak where fish like to hang out – and better yet – where motorized boats can’t go. Some great places to rent kayaks in Summit County are at Frisco Bay Marina and Ten Mile Creek Kayaks.


Test your skills and patience by hoping on a sailboat rental this summer. Sailing is a popular summertime activity in Summit County, and if you’ve been out on Lake Dillon during the warmer season you’re likely familiar with the site of hundreds of sails flying in the wind! Sailing is a great way to learn the ins and outs of a popular water sport, and an even better idea for a first date. Pack up a lunch, pick up a bottle of champagne, and have yourself a luxury picnic out on Lake Dillon with beautiful panoramic views surrounding you! Summit County offers a variety of great places to rent sail boats this summer, including Frisco Bay Marina, High Country Activities and Dillon Marina.

pontoon.jpgMotorized Boating

Getting a large group of people out on Lake Dillon can make for quite a party, but it’s tough to make the best of it when everyone is in separate sail boats or individual kayaks. If you’re looking for a day out on the water and you have four or more people in your party, consider renting a motorboat or pontoon boat. Motorboats are great for those who enjoy a little more of an adrenaline rush or want to explore some of the Lake’s fishing areas. But, if you’re interested in a long, luxurious afternoon enjoying the Lake and local views, a pontoon boat is your best bet. Local pontoon boat rentals offer cushy seating, setups perfect for enjoying a few drinks and some card games, and plenty of room to mingle. You can rent both motorboats and pontoon boats at the Frisco Bay and Dillon Marinas, but be sure you make your reservations fast as these toys are known to book up early in the summer!