Great Fishing Spots Near Our Frisco Bed & Breakfast

Posted by: admin March 26th, 2015

Some of the best fishing in North America can be found just outside the front doors of our Frisco bed & breakfast in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. During the massive snow melt during the spring months, the Gold Medal Blue River offers anglers the chance to run in with Rainbow, Brown, and the occasional Cutthroat Trout. But, though the Blue might be the most widely known river in our community, there are a plethora of other rivers and high alpine lakes to take your stab at. Whether you are flying solo or acquiring the services of a local fishing company, there are ample areas to cast your fly in and around Frisco Colorado. Just remember to grab your Colorado fishing license before heading out. Here are a few of our favorites:

Blue River

Blue-River-Fly-FishingIf you are staying at the Frisco Lodge, the best place to start your Blue River fly fishing experience is just a short drive north to the inlet of the Blue River into Dillon Reservoir. Monster trout can be found here during the spawning runs of the spring, but there are multiple other spots to tackle this infamous river.

The Upper Blue

The Upper Blue – locally referred to as the “Stair Steps” – is located in Breckenridge just north of the town’s recreation center. Visitors will find easy access to this spot with a series of drop pools that hold trout during low water conditions.

The Tail Water

One of the most infamous stretches of the Blue River can be found in the tail water below Lake Dillon. This Gold Medal stretch flows through Silverthorne and frequently sees trout over 24-inches that frequently feed on Mysis shrimp … accounting for their massive size.

In Silverthorne

This section of the Blue River is the most technical fly fishing spot of any. Hordes of crowds and much-needed stealth maneuvers for this catch-and-release spot present even the most experienced anglers with difficulties.

North of Silverthorne

As the Blue meanders north of Silverthorne, the river transforms into a more traditional style with public and private access areas. There are numerous public pullouts along Highway 9 (Eagles Nest, Sutton Unit), but this can be a very fickle stretch of river depending on the day.

Green Mountain Reservoir

The Blue finally dumps its frigid tail water into Green Mountain Reservoir. This inlet is known for its fantastic hatches because the cold temperatures are given time to warm up in the reservoir. Kokanee salmon are often the target of anglers here as they begin their annual run up the Blue River.

Snake River

Just up the road from our bed and breakfast, above the town of Montezuma near the Continental Divide, is the Snake River. Keystone Resort stocks the Snake annually, so there are typically numerous trout to be had. The inlet into Lake Dillon is a good choice if you are short on time and need a quick fix – it attracts large trout from the lake throughout the season.

Lake Dillon

lake-dillon-fly-fishingJust a short walking distance from our Frisco hotel, the Colorado Division of Wildlife stocks Lake Dillon with more than 50,000 rainbow trout at the beginning of each summer season. One of the largest bodies of water in central Colorado with over 25 miles of shoreline, Lake Dillon also offers Brook Trout, Browns, Kokanee, and Coho Salmon. So, if traditional angling is your thing, this is a must do. Concentrate your efforts on the Blue River, Ten Mile Creek, and Snake River inlets for the best fishing during early and late seasons.

Officer’s Gulch

Located between Frisco and Copper Mountain off of I-70, Officer’s Gulch is a great spot for beginners and young anglers alike to learn to cast and fight a fish.

Ten Mile Creek

officers-gulch-fishingAlso located between Frisco and Copper, Ten Mile Creek offers some of the best fly fishing in Summit County. Take the bike path from our Frisco hotel and follow Ten Mile Creek. The entire 6-mile section from Frisco to Copper is public, and eight to twelve inch trout are the typical size you will find.

Copper Ponds

Residing on both sides of I-70 at the Copper Mountain exit, Copper Ponds has been rumored to catch over ten-pound brown trout. However, don’t expect this, as trout around 14 inches are the norm.

This list is just a primer, as there are numerous other spots to tackle in the Rocky Mountains. The aforementioned are just some of our favorites that are easily accessible from our Frisco bed & breakfast. As always, our front desk is there to provide you with even more information for your fishing trip in Summit County.