How to Dress for Summer in the Mountains

Posted by: admin July 9th, 2015

Summertime in the High Rockies can be exuberant to say the least – lush, green mountainsides, endless sunshine, bluebird skies, mild temperatures, flowing rivers, and that sweet smell of flowers blooming and pine needles warming in the sun. But, as Mark Twain stated, “if you don’t like the weather in (insert location), just wait a few minutes,” the Colorado high country can be a fickle place. So, for those of you visiting our Frisco bed and breakfast this summer, here are some tips for dressing and approaching a typical Summit County day so you are ready for just about anything and everything.

Dress For the Activity

Hiking-In-Summit-CountyJust Hanging Out – Summit County offers up a very relaxed and “chill” atmosphere for just about any activity. Accordingly, sandals, shorts, jeans or anything lightweight and comfortable will go for just about anywhere, including most restaurants. The key … make sure you are able to relax in your attire.

Hiking & Walking – Temperatures are usually in the mid-70-degree range during the summer months, but Mark Twain hit it on the nose about being ready for anything at anytime. Clouds can roll in at a moment’s notice, an afternoon shower might rear its ugly head, and even a stray snowflake has been know to join the party from time to time. So, dress in layers. Carry a rain jacket, extra clothing layers for when the temperatures drop, sunscreen, bug spray and lots of water in a backpack. A breathable hat will also serve you much better than your typical ball cap.

Swimming – Though the lakes and rivers might be a bit chilly for you to enjoy (even in the summer), hot tubs and pools are abundant throughout Summit County. Bring a swimsuit with you and make sure that you use sunscreen (if you are outside) even on a cloudy day. Remember, your skin is not used to being so close to the sun’s harmful rays.

Biking-In-Summit-CountyBiking – When biking the hundreds of miles of road and off-road trails that Summit County has to offer, the number one rule is to wear clothes that you can move and sweat in. This includes moisture-wicking shirts, shorts and socks. Biking gloves are a nice addition to save those hands from annoying blisters on those downhill treks.

Other Mountain Essentials

Be Altitude Aware – Water, sunscreen and chapstick are essential items to have in the high altitude areas of Summit County. Water will keep you hydrated, sunscreen will protect your skin from the sun at higher elevation, and chapstick (with sunscreen) will save your lips from imminent disaster.

Protect Your Eyes – Sunglasses are another essential item. 300+ days of sunshine a year and the high altitude can be a deadly combination for your eyes. Make sure to protect your peeps and try to get the kiddos to wear them too.

Rain is Inevitable – Afternoon showers (especially in July & August) are inevitable. A light waterproof jacket is a wise accessory no matter what the weatherman says. Weather patterns are very unpredictable in the mountains, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Family-Hiking-Summit-CountyLayering is Key – It may feel strange to you if you are not used to it, but layering is chic in the Colorado Mountains. Actually, not only is it stylish, it is almost a necessity. Temperature shifts are sporadic as shorts and a tee shirt in the morning can easily move to a long-sleeved shirt/sweatshirt and pants in the afternoon/evening. If possible, vents and zippers in your layers will help with the cooling off and warming up process.

Keep Your Feet Comfy – Obviously depending on the day’s activity you will need to wear appropriate footwear. Durable, yet comfortable, shoes are the key to your exploration whether in town or on the trails. Sneakers are fine for the more casual looking around, but non-blister causing hiking boots can serve you fine for just about any occasion.

Hopefully the aforementioned tips and tricks will give you a leg up when visiting the Frisco Lodge this summer. But, before you head out for whatever the day brings you, it’s a good idea to check the Summit County weather report. A good rule of thumb … anything over “20% possible precipitation,” and you are going to get some moisture at some point of the day. Here’s to a wonderful and safe Summit County vacation!