How to Have a Solo Adventure in Summit County

Posted by: admin March 11th, 2020

Sometimes when you travel you want to adventure by yourself. Here are some tips to have a great solo adventure in Summit County.

Summit County, Colorado is filled with activities to do while traveling by yourself. Depending on the time of year you can visit you should be prepared with a few key essentials. 

1. Water Bottle

At 9,000 feet you will need to drink water every couple hours. We recommend our Frisco Lodge water bottle to hydrate your adventures. Available at the front desk. 


Frisco Lodge Water Bottle.png

2. Sunscreen

Even in the Winter, you will need to wear sunscreen before you go out. The sun reflecting off the snow is actually more intense than some of our summer days.

3. Layers

Colorado weather is notorious. Wearing multiple layers helps you prepare for the fluctuation of fast-moving weather patterns.  It can be a warm 68 degrees in the Rocky Mountains that can turn to a chilly snowstorm in a matter of minutes. The key is bringing light layers to your mountain adventures. Having a light pair of pants and jacket in a backpack can make your solo adventure in Summit County enjoyable.