How to Stay Safe Walking on the Ice in Summit County

Posted by: admin November 25th, 2015

snowy-sidewalkSummit County is known for its snow removal … a large snowstorm one day and clear roads the next. But, the effects of snow can still be felt for days or even weeks after a storm on sidewalks and other public places. Therefore, when you visit our Frisco hotel it is utterly important that you know the correct way to maneuver yourself on these patchy icy and snowy spots. Remember, a good pair of boots will keep your feet warm, but they will not necessarily keep you upright on frozen walkways and stairs. Use the following tips now and you can save yourself some heartache (or body ache) later.

According to the Workers Compensation Fund, slips, trips and falls come in second only to traffic accidents as the cause of accidental deaths in the United States each year. Icy and snowy sidewalks and parking lots are the culprit in nearly 80 percent of these accidents. So how can you safely cross over icy areas without injuring yourself?

The first thing you want to do is avoid falling if you can help it, but if you cannot circumvent a tumble then there is an actual method for falling. So, first things first. If you end up feeling yourself losing your balance, tuck into a ball, make yourself as small as possible and do your best to keep your head and face away from the fall. You do want to lean forward, but you don’t want to put your hands out to catch yourself or you will run the risk of an arm or wrist/hand injury. You also want to try to land on the fleshy part of your body rather than your knees or back. If you stay puffed with a bulky coat, this will help to cushion some of the blow as well.

walk-like-penguins-on-ice.jpgIf you want to avoid a painful splat altogether, walk like a penguin. Yes, a penguin. This type of waddle will help to keep your center of gravity over your front leg and will keep you upright. Spread your feet about a foot apart and make sure to take small steps (or shuffle) to also keep that center of gravity. Bend your knees slightly and keep your hands out of your pockets … you need your arms out there for balance, and balance is key.

Here are some further tips to help you from falling on icy spots:

- Give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination so you are not in a rush.
- Wear boots and shoes with good traction.
- Walk slower.
- Stay on designated walkways.
- Use the handrail whenever possible.
- If you have the choice, use the southern side of paths and walkways. North facing spots tend to stay icy longer.
- Wear sunglasses during the daytime to avoid the snow’s white glare and to help you see clearly to avoid those slippery spots.
- Take stairs one step at a time.

When visiting Summit County and the Frisco Lodge in particular we don’t want to see your vacation end early because of a needless injury. Pay heed to these tips and tricks and you will be thankful later.