How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse Part One

Posted by: admin October 31st, 2018

Imagine this: you’re sitting in your living room, binge-watching your favorite television series when it is interrupted by a breaking news story. It’s not exactly an uncommon occurrence, but as you stand up and head to the kitchen for a bowl of popcorn, the sirens start to sound. Your eyes immediately move back to the television and you stare in disbelief. This isn’t a drill. Oh, no. This time, it has actually begun.

The Zombie Apocalypse in Summit County, Colorado.

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse Summit County.png

Thankfully, you are a faithful reader of the Frisco Lodge blog and have been preparing for this day. You know exactly what to do and where to go. You rendezvous with your friends, get to your safehouse and bunker down. You spend the next several years building up a community of people from every walk of life, eventually expanding to become a colony of your own. On the day the last zombie is destroyed, you smile in victory, your loved ones at your side.

It sounds nice, right? Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse? I’m willing to bet, however, that if it were to happen today, you would be woefully unprepared. Don’t feel bad. You are definitely not the only one. There are millions of other people who are in the same boat. Together, we will fix this problem because I am going to take you through a basic three-step process to help you avoid having your brain eaten by your zombie neighbors.

Step One.   Have a plan.  


Just like any other emergency, you should have a plan that dictates where you are going and where to meet each other in case you and your teammates get separated. This plan should be customized to your group’s needs as well as your abilities. For instance, some of us at the Frisco Lodge are in incredible shape and riding ten miles a day on a bicycle would be easy as pie. Others of us, however, are not in peak physical shape and would be able to make it maybe five miles depending on the terrain. This should be kept in mind as you make your plan as it will be paramount to making sure all of your group survives.

Step Two. Be Prepared.


I know, I sound like a boy scout. Girl scout. Whatever. The point is, you have to be prepared. I, for one, am taking this Christmas season to secure all of the items necessary to build a complete bug-out bag. For those of you wondering what exactly I mean, I will take a second to explain. A bug-out bag is a compact bag that contains everything you would need to survive for several days on your own in the event that you either need to run from something (zombies) or get stuck or lost out in the open with no other way to survive. A great example of a completed bug-out bag can be seen here. While complete bug-out bags can be found online, I feel that it I always better to build your own as it allows you more customization options as well as giving you the chance to learn how to use all of your equipment without putting too much money into it. A good bug-out bag should contain everything you need to build a shelter, gather and cook food, provide yourself with water, and essentially keep yourself alive. 

Step Three. Know Where To Go.


If you live in Summit County, you would probably think that the marina would be the best place to go. It has water, food, shelter, and supplies. While it’s true that any good bunker needs those things, it’s also the first place a lot of people would think to go. Overpopulation creates more chances for sickness, infighting, resource shortages, and other problems. Personally, I would head up towards Breckenridge. A lot of the condos there are owned by people who only use the place for skiing when there is enough snow, so they are empty throughout most of the year. There are plenty of sources for clean water, and the restaurants provide plenty of food that you could go through before having to start hunting for your own foods. All in all, you should take the time to consider what you’re looking for in a bunker before just charging off into the wild.

There is much more that I could go into as these steps cover the majority, but not the entirety, of things you need to know and have done in order to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse.  In my next blog about zombie preparedness, I hope to be able to go into a little bit more detail about a few of the things we have covered today. Until then, Have a Plan, Be Prepared, and Know Where To Go.