How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse Part Two

Posted by: admin December 1st, 2018

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So, you've read the first blog about surviving the zombie apocalypse. You think you're ready. You can handle this. You've got your personalized bug-out bag, a plan of action, and you know where you're heading. You'll be fine. Or, so you think. But what happens when the wifi goes out and you lose your ability to access Google Maps? Or you forget which mushroom you can actually eat without getting sick? Or you find a place but realize you have no idea how to make it defensible? I bet you're thinking that you aren't quite as prepared as you thought you were after all. Fortunately, the staff here at the Frisco Lodge has a treasure trove of creative solutions as well as a host of useful abilities to help you face these possibilities with confidence.


1) But my wifi...

It's pretty obvious that your access to wifi will, at some point, disappear. Does that thought make you panic just a little? Don't worry, you're not alone. While wifi can be a ridiculously wonderful tool, it isn't reliable even on the best of days, and should never be your sole source of information. Got a little lost on your way back from scavenging for food? Pull out that paper map you got for free from the information center and consult your compass. Reception on your phone not so great? Good thing you remembered to put a radio in your bug-out bag. Need to make a note about what that mushroom you shouldn't have eaten looks like but your phone is dead? Whip out a pencil and your handy dandy notebook. Point is, you cannot be reliant upon today's technology and expect to survive for long. You have to go old school. Just think of it as an extended camping trip. Without all the amenities. And while avoiding your zombie neighbors. Sounds like a good time, right?

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2) Home Sweet Home. 

By the grace of God, you have made it to the location of your chosen bunker without losing any limbs or decimating your supplies. Congratulations. Give yourself a pat on the back. Now, it's time to get to work. If you've been practical in the choosing of your intended location, you would have chosen something that only needed a small bit of work to become a functional and defensible base of operations while still allowing relatively easy access to the items you need to stay alive. My advice? Ditch the hotel and find a decent sized condo. I would highly suggest either the Claimjupmer Condos in Breck or maybe the Pinewood Apartments. Both are close to the local City Market, multiple restaurants, and even a small running stream.
Location is important, but it's not the only thing that needs to be considered when choosing your new home. Another big part of your decision-making process should be how you answer the question of whether or not your bunker is easily defensible. If all it takes is a couple of boards over the windows and reinforcing your entrances and exits, then that is great! If you take a look around and realize that you're looking at an entire overhaul to make your bunker into what you need it to be, then you may want to start hunting for a new place. Remember, it isn't only zombies that you'll need to be defending against. Wild animals will eventually move closer to town, and people can be very unpredictable when placed under stressful circumstances. That neighbor you borrowed that ax from when you went camping last winter? Yeah, you probably shouldn't have returned that because no amount of neighborly goodwill is going to keep you from bleeding out once he gets past your flimsy defenses and sees your epic food stash.

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3) You're not you when you're hungry.

Food. Even as I write this, I am thinking about the fact that I have not eaten lunch yet and should probably do so before it turns into a headache. Having a steady supply of food is essential in our everyday lives and even more so when you are actively trying to avoid being eaten. My advice? Build a stash. Remember when you were a kid and your parents just so happened to buy that certain kind of cookie that was your absolute favorite but everyone else loved it too? You know, the ones you hid in the bottom drawer of your dresser or under your bed so you could snack on them at night and hot have to share? Yeah. Do that. Except, be a grown up about it. Figure out what types of food you are going to need to stockpile and what you will have to get fresh. Canned goods are the absolute best for stockpiling, as are noodles and most other non-perishables. Things like meat and fruit are going to be things you will need to get fresh. Your choices need to be based around making sure that whatever you have will allow you to not only survive another day but also keep you healthy enough to last until help arrives or you can escape to a more human-friendly location. As far as fresh food go, try to stick to things that are commonly found near you. If you're close to the marina, go for fish. If you're closer to the mountains, and if you're brave enough, you could try for moose.

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All in all, survival comes down to just using your common sense and thinking things through. If that zombie looks like it's shambling in your direction, pick another way to go. If that person that showed up asking for sugar looks a little suspicious, don't let them into your bunker. If someone suggests keeping a zombie pup for a pet, don't do it. So, yes. Use your common sense, try not to make stupid mistakes, and be prepared. And that, my friends, is advice you can use every day, zombie apocalypse or not.