Immerse Yourself In A Frisco Bed and Breakfast

Posted by: admin June 11th, 2014

Frisco Lodge.jpgBoth bed & breakfast (B&B) establishments and hotels/motels are popular forms of tourist accommodations; however, depending on where you travel, the place you end up staying can greatly add value to your overall experience. Both have their own unique sets of positives and negatives; it is important to take this into account when booking your next vacation.

Since the Town of Frisco still holds true to its historic charm and small-town atmosphere, staying at a Frisco bed and breakfast will only add to your overall mountain experience. For travelers seeking local character, genuine hospitality and free perks such as homemade breakfasts, afternoon wine and cheese and hors d’ouvres, a Summit County bed and breakfast is the way to go.

Whether you stay in a bed and breakfast or hotel/motel is based on specific needs, those who desire a “home away from home” experience may seek out a traditional bed and breakfast such as the Frisco Lodge. Others may require the corporate amenities provided by a hotel. Hotels typically provide a certain level of consistency due to being part of a national chain, but can feel a bit sterile and corporate at times. A B&B, on the other hand, is usually independently owned and operated and can offer a more custom experience for those seeking an overall experience.

Lodge1880s.jpgFor example, the Frisco Lodge has been in our family for over 50 years. Situated on prime real estate nestled between Main Street and the Blue River, our incredible location is in the middle of everything that is Colorado. Originally a stagecoach stop in the 1800’s, the Frisco Lodge continues to occupy the same building today. What better way to experience the history of this area than by staying in one of its original buildings? The basic structure of our lodge remains the same now as it was then and our rooms are decorated to retain the flavor of this past era while the lodge still retains the ambiance of this time period.

Other reasons to choose a B&B over a hotel/motel include the benefit of interacting with a small intimate staff that is attentive to your every need versus large corporate staffers, and freshly prepared leisurely meals versus the quick boiler plate spreads at a hotel. Overall, a B&B is able to provide its guests with the superior service and hospitality that you just won’t receive from most hotels/motels.

The Frisco Lodge has been in continuous operation since the 1880s and has seen many events during its long history. This is evident in all that encompasses our Frisco bed and breakfast … uniquely Colorado. While hotels may be able to offer discount rates for large groups etc., you simply cannot recreate the experience of staying in your “home away from home” at a bed and breakfast.

Recent visitors, Gigi and Jean Paul, echo these sentiments exactly, “There are certain places on this earth that are hidden paradises … and this is one of them … thank you for the special memories.”