Meet Our New Employees of the Frisco Lodge

Posted by: admin January 19th, 2019

Vicente Davila 

I am Vicente Davila, I am 21 years old, I live in the city of Santiago, in Chile. I live with my parents, my sister and my little dog. I am studying Tourism at the Inacap Institute, in the same city. I love studying tourism because I am a practical and proactive person, I have to always be in constant movement, besides that, I like to interact and help people. In my free time, I have fun and I love to enjoy nature doing trekking, cycling, appreciating the animals and the different types of flora in the place, besides partying with friends.

Before I always played soccer but unfortunately due to an injury to my ankle I could not continue playing. I also like reading books and listening to different types of music. 

When was the travel agency to present the program to the institute, I did not think twice because I always dreamed of working outside the country. I chose this program because I am at a point in my career where I have to continue gaining work experience, in addition to continuing to learn and at the same time practicing English, this is essential since it will help me for my career and my future in Chile. Since doing this program increases the chances of getting other jobs in the tourism industry.  

I found the place very interesting, being away from the city and the congestion, besides being in the middle of the mountain, being able to do many activities and the most important in my opinion, is that I will be able to learn different things and new skills. 

Jorge Ignacio Lovera Bernal

My name is Jorge Ignacio Lovera Bernal, I am 21 years old, of Chilean nationality, I live in the commune of La Reina in the eastern part of the capital and I am currently studying the career of international tourist administration at the INACAP technological university. In my country, I live with my parents, grandparents and three beautiful dogs. As for my tastes, I am a person who likes sports, good food, parties, trips, family moments and with friends, dancing and listening to different musical styles. I decided to make this program in the state of Colorado in the city of Frisco the truth because it was the last option we could choose, but still I appreciate having known this wonderful place, with its postcards and impressive landscapes, besides the good reception that They offered us from the first day we arrived here. the time that we have left, I hope to continue knowing this beautiful place, meet more people and enjoy all the comforts that Frisco offers us.

Alicia Gonzàlez Forti

alicia Gonzalez forti.jpg


I am Alicia Gonzalez. I am from 19 and I am from Peru. I applied to work & travel program because I want to know People with a different culture and improve my English.