Nature's Beacon Spring Edition, Taking Care of our Land & Water

Posted by: admin April 9th, 2020

Nature's Beacon April 2020 Insight Brief

Senate Resolution, Thirty by Thirty to Save Nature

Conserving 30% of U.S. Lands and Ocean by 2030.png

Senator Udall (NM) and Senator Bennet (CO) introduced this last October that would work to protect 30% of our land and 30% of our ocean space by 2030. Currently, only 12% of US land and 26% US ocean is protected.

The general aim is to stem the tide of species extinction, increase biodiversity and importantly bolster our natural resources to combat climate change.

Stabilizing the eco-systems that provide billions of dollars in eco-services is an economic proposition. A healthier population is more economically robust. The economic boost benefits recreation including hunters and anglers. Many sectors benefit.

Nature's Beacon April 2020 Insight Brief.png

In a time that we will be eventually looking to a new era in an economy that creates the bridge that benefits so many stakeholders and business types, this is a dynamic and bold initiative to study and to move forward.

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