Fully vaccinated people don't have to wear masks.

New Public Health Order

Posted by: admin May 24th, 2021

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After the year we all had it is great that we are finally getting back to ‘normal’. With more people getting vaccinated we are all making the world safer. A lot has changed because of all the restrictions we had but the new public health order is loosening a lot of those restrictions.

Public Health Order and Mask Requirements

“Summit County Public Health issued an amended and restated Public Health Order Saturday, May 15, after receiving the Governor’s updated Executive Order. The new public health order contains updates to the mask requirements in order to simplify and align with the state as well as alignment with the updated CDPHE Public Health Order.

 Summit County previously required masks to be worn inside all public spaces. The new order allows fully vaccinated individuals to go to open public places and indoors without wearing masks.

The Frisco Lodge team will continue wearing face masks to protect all our guests and we encourage our guests who are not vaccinated or even those who don’t feel safe enough to keep wearing their masks.

This new order means a lot of summer activities which couldn’t be done last year will be available this year. We are looking forward to all of that and looking forward to more people being able to come to stay with us this summer. Call us now at 970 668 0195 to secure your reservation for this wonderful summer coming up.