New Ways to Apres Ski at the Frisco Lodge

Posted by: admin March 27th, 2019

New Ways to Après at the Frisco Lodge

After you go skiing in Summit County, Colorado, you’ll probably be looking for some exciting or relaxing après activities to do. The main benefit of après is to get away from the cold and snow after you go skiing. In Summit County, Colorado at the Frisco Lodge there are several après-type activities which are relaxing, exciting, or both. 

1) Happy Hour

At the Frisco Lodge, they have an afternoon happy hour special where wine and cheese are served to guests. In fact, there are a variety of wines and cheeses available to eat. Make this a fun après experience by participating in wine tasting and cheese tasting activities.  

2) Boost Oxygen Cans 

It can be difficult to ski in Summit County because of the 9,000-foot altitude you’re faced with. The higher the altitude, the less oxygen there is available. For this reason, you can purchase cans of oxygen at the lodge to help yourself breathe better after a day of skiing. Just sit back and let the oxygen fill your respiratory system with life again.  

3) Musical Instruments

Believe it or not, musical instruments are just some of the complimentary services provided at the Frisco Lodge. You can play whichever musical instruments that you want right in your living room and enjoy some relaxing tunes. Entertain other guests and friends too. 

4) Chocolates

Frisco Lodge Chocolate For Sale.jpg

Try some of the deluxe dark or milk chocolate food items available at the Frisco Lodge. They taste very sweet and will give you a boost of energy after exhausting yourself on the ski slopes. 

5) Outdoor hot tub and cozy fireplace

Relax from a long day of mountain adventures in our outdoor tub. The bubbles will ease any skiing or snowboarding pain you may have experienced on one of our nearby ski resorts. During happy hour, we will bring you plastic wine glasses at your request to enjoy your spirits. After soaking in paradise, you may use our custom terry cloth Frisco Lodge robes to transport yourself to our cozy fireplace. Warm up by the fire and enjoy our award-winning courtyard. The hot tub and fireplace areas are open to our guests all year long. Whether you are warming up from your winter activities or cooling down from the summer heat; you will have an enjoyable experience right outside your room!