Spend A Dog Day’s Night At Our Frisco Bed And Breakfast

Posted by: admin July 24th, 2014


Summit County is literally a dog’s paradise. From streams and trails to run through, to dog parks, dog-friendly boutiques, dog competitions and more, Summit County is truly a pups’ heaven. In that vein, did you know that our Frisco bed and breakfast offers a pet-friendly cottage for those that just refuse to leave their furry companions at home?

Wherever you may roam throughout Frisco and all of Summit County, I challenge you to go more than a few minutes without seeing a canine confidant and its human counterpart strolling down the street. But, you will be surprised to learn that not all of these dogs belong to local residents – visitors also love to bring Fido to the high country so they too can enjoy all that we have to offer. But, you and your friend need a place to stay too!

Cottage1-300x225.jpgWell, you are in luck with the Frisco Lodge as our Summit County bed and breakfast comes equipped with a pet-friendly cottage. This property, located just to the north of our North Lodge, is the original homestead property for the Frisco Lodge. In fact, the original cabin that was homesteaded in the 1860s, still resides on the southwest corner of the yard.

This chalet is a one-bedroom space (but can sleep up to 4-5 people) with a Great Room featuring a warm and sunny exposure to relish in the 300+ days of Colorado sunshine. Add a full kitchen, living and dining rooms, a sofa sleeper bed and a full bath, and your stay at our Frisco bed and breakfast can be just what the doctor ordered. Oh yeah, and it is pet-friendly … our cottage also includes a large private yard for your companion to roam in. But, you may be asking what am I to do with my dog now that I am staying at the Frisco Lodge?

Well, as I mentioned above, there are a multitude of things to do with your four-legged friends, but because of the miles of hiking, plenty of fresh water available and cool mountain temperatures, hiking seems to be a favorite activity. Just remember, though, that if you are going to hike in to wilderness areas, your dog will need to be on a leash. In National Forest areas, dogs must be under voice control. So, what good would this blog be if I didn’t offer you some suggestions on where to take your friend. Here are some tail wag approved trails for your convenience:

  • Rainbow Lake: Numerous water crossings (bridges for humans) with the ultimate destination being the lake where dogs can swim until their hearts’ content.
  • Mayflower Gulch: Not exactly in Frisco per se, but close enough to mention as it is a great hike and dogs love it! There is plenty of water along the way, but be aware of summer afternoon thunderstorms and start your hike in the morning or early afternoon.
  • Recreation Peninsula: This is a high use area so dogs must be on leash or under voice control. There is not swimming allowed for people (as the water is very cold), but your pooch will love the opportunity to cool off.

Of course, this is a very small sampling of what Summit County has to offer, as there are countless areas for dogs to explore. Stop by the Dillon Ranger District in Silverthorne for free maps and regulations on trails in the area while the Bureau of Land Management has numerous hiking opportunities as well.

Whatever you decide to do, just know that our Frisco bed and breakfast is happy to accommodate you and your pooch in our pet-friendly cottage. With your favorite pal by your side, a BBQ grill, three TV’s, free Wi-Fi and private parking, you will definitely feel like the Frisco Lodge is your home away from home!