Six Things Veterans Can Do in Summit County Colorado

Posted by: admin March 22nd, 2019

Six Things Veterans can do in Summit County, Colorado

Summit County, Colorado is packed with adventurous things to do which makes it a favorite vacation spot for veterans. We put together a list of the top activities veterans can do while visiting our beautiful piece of paradise. 

•Go camping in the White River National Forest

The White River National Forest is a great place to camp under the stars. The site is located north of Silverthorne. You can find many camping sites around the road or you can park at a trail site and backpack deeper into the forest. We recommend researching the area beforehand. 

•Try Some Turns at Loveland Pass

Veterans can hike from the parking of the ski resort all the way to the top of Loveland pass. Once at the top you will be able to experience the majestical views of the snow-covered land. If you’re feeling adventurous enough, you can ski your way down. We recommend staging two cars, one at the top of the pass and one at the bottom, so you can take multiple runs down the pass. There is usually a local or two skiing or snowboarding down Loveland Pass and they will generally give you a ride back up to the top if you riding solo. 

•Experience snowshoeing 

Buffalo Mountain Loop.png

For the veterans who love snowshoeing, Summit County is the best place for you. There is an abundance of snowshoeing trails that one can choose from. So, grab your shoes and get walking. The Buffalo Mountain Loop is known to be one of the best snowshoeing trails in the USA. Ask any of the Frisco Lodge staff for a complimentary pair of snowshoes during the winter and spring months.

There are many non-tedious routes in Breckenridge. The White River national forest also has some amazing snowshoeing trails in the County. 

•Cross Country Skiing

There are four world-class ski resorts within 10 minutes of the Frisco Lodge. There are so many Nordic centers that you can choose from. We recommend the Frisco Adventure Park or the Breckenridge Nordic Center. The great thing about these Nordic centers is that the passes purchased at one can be used at the other as well. You could cross country ski all the way from Breckenridge to Frisco if you wanted to!

•Fat Biking

If the veterans are looking for a more strenuous workout in the winter weather, they can opt for fat biking through the terrain. Due to the popularity of this sport, there are specific trails designed to support fat bikes. Fly through the snow once you get your momentum to have a thrilling winter adventure.

•Experience the hut life

If you’re a hardcore winter person you must get the experience of a backcountry hut. There are several routes designated for skiing or snowshoeing around these huts. Seasoned backcountry travelers prefer this type of vacation as they can get to tread on some seriously adventurous trails. We recommend the 10th Mountain Hut division trails.

Other Activities


There is a great number of family activities like sledding or bowling. The veterans can also check out the numerous breweries and distilleries here.  The Rocky Mountain wilderness brings you an experience that you cannot find elsewhere.

We are proud to host the men and women that fought for our country. We hope this blog helps guide our veterans to have the best Summit County visit yet! We would like to extend an additional thank you to our military members and their families by offering them 15% off their room rate for the entire month of May 2019. 

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