Summer Scavenger Hunt in Frisco Colorado

Posted by: admin July 27th, 2018

We put together a list of fun things to find in our town. Can you find all 10 items on our Summer scavenger hunt in Frisco, Colorado? Take a picture of each spot and show our front desk staff to win a prize!

Summer Scavenger Hunt.jpg

1. It’s a “sign” that you are in the right town.
2. It’s quite the “oar” deal to be the captain of your own destiny.
3. Don’t take a dip in Lake Dillon on this “hole”.
4. You find a lake at the end of this “rainbow.”
5. These ovens “fueled” most of Summit County in the early 1900’s.
6. Take a “rest” at our old Post Office.
7. “Swing” life away at our local park.
8. This statue is “unbearable” at our Historic Park.
9. The “glass” is always half full at this local shop.
10. The best place to watch a sunset is three stories “uptown.”

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