Summit Club Loyalty Program

Posted by: admin February 6th, 2021


We wanted to remind everyone about our loyalty program called the Summit Club!


As a thank you to our wonderful guests who come back time after time, last year, we had redesigned our program to make it beneficial to everyone! We have 4 different levels, and they are achieved based on the number of nights spent here. There are no blackout dates to use your benefit, and they never reset!


The 4 different levels are:

* Lark Bunting: staying 1-3 you are offered a free check-in gift!

* Rocky Mountain Columbine: 4-9 nights, you receive $5 off a night!

* Big Horn Sheep: 10-14 nights, you receive $10 off a night!

* Blue Spruce: 15+ nights, you receive $15 off a night!

This is built for you to continually be rewarded while staying with us here at the Frisco Lodge. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can fill out a submission form following this link!