Summit County: The Perfect Bucket List for This Spring

Posted by: admin March 8th, 2019

It's not a coincidence that Summit County is often hailed as the happiest place in Colorado! Nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, this is a relaxing, yet exciting holiday destination for all seasons. Outdoors lovers will have the opportunity to connect with nature, and whether they prefer cozy spring hikes or winter sports, Summit County has got something to offer in every season. Keep reading to learn more about our perfect spring bucket list.

Skiing and Snowboarding

That's right, Summit County still has some snow left in spring for all you late season thrill seekers. Whether you enjoy skiing or snowboarding, this is the place to see. The best part? You'll skip the winter rush and enjoy a much less crowded environment. If you are feeling extra brave, try pond skimming at the end of the ski season. BONUS: Enjoy the warmer weather while you cruise down the soft slopes. 

Pond Skimming Copper.png

Local festivals and events

Summit County is home to many spectacular local events and activity, particularly the acclaimed "WAVE: Light + Water + Sound." This four-day festival features incredible artworks and installation, as well as music and other attractions. A lot of the showcases and performances actually happen outdoors, adding an extra layer of an already jam-packed sensory experience. 

Experience the "mud season" festivities

Celebrate the change of seasons with the locals, spending time at local venues such as the excellent Outer Range brewery, where you'll be able to join some fun trivia nights while sipping on some quality craft beers.

Save a TON of money with 2 for 1 deals

Virtually every restaurant in Summit County will have a special running during mud season. Take advantage of some of the best eateries in Colorado at a great price.

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