Tackle a Colorado “Fourteener” During Your Stay at the Frisco Lodge

Posted by: admin July 24th, 2015


Just ask any Coloradan – the 53 “fourteeners (or 14ers)” that lie within the Centennial state’s boundaries are widely considered our crown jewels. But, if you are not from Colorado you may be asking what a 14er is exactly. Well, a 14er is a mountain peak that reaches 14,000 feet or more above sea level and has at least 300 feet of prominence. And we have 53 of them in the state alone! Your stay at our Frisco bed & breakfast affords you easy access to more 14ers than you can sink your teeth into! The following is a list of some of the most accessible fourteeners from the Frisco Lodge.

Quandary Peak (14,271 ft.)

Quandary-Peak-Colorado-14erPerhaps the closet to the Frisco Lodge is Quandary Peak, approximately a 40-minute drive from Frisco. Part of the Tenmile Range that includes Frisco and Breckenridge, Quandary Peak is the highest summit in the range. Quandary Peak lies in Summit County and is part of the White River National Forest approximately 6 miles south-southwest of Breckenridge. The most common route up Quandary Peak is a class 1 trail hike on the east side of the peak 1-mile north of Hoosier Pass. The gentle ascent makes this one of the more popular 14ers in the area.

Grays & Torreys Peaks (14,278 ft. & 14,274 ft.)

Grays-Torreys-Peaks-Colorado-14ersJust about an hour drive from our Frisco lodging and located along the Continental Divide (the division between Clear Creek County and Summit County), Grays Peak is the 10th highest summit of the Rocky Mountains, the highest summit of the Front Range and the highest point on the Continental Divide. This Arapahoe National Forest hike is considered to be easy by fourteener standards and is therefore very popular among weekend climbers. Because of its proximity to Torreys Peak (less than a mile away), a climb up Grays is often accompanied by a journey to Torreys.

Also located along the Continental Divide, Torreys Peak has three main trails that are typically used to access the Summit. Naturally one of the more popular methods is the continuation of Grays Peak Trail which you could also take back to Grays Peak – via a 13,707-foot dip – from Torreys.

Either of these hikes will afford you occasional views of pika, cougar, mountain goat, deer, elk, coyote, marmot and a variety of wildflowers and other foliage.

Mount Bierstadt (14,065 ft.)

Mt-Bierstadt-Colorado-14erMount Bierstadt lies within the Chicago Peaks in the Front Rage portion of the Rockies. Also about an hour’s drive from our Frisco bed and breakfast, Bierstadt is located in the Pike National Forest just 9.4 miles south of Georgetown, Colorado. Generally considered an easy climb and because of its close proximity to Denver, this mountain is one of the most popular 14ers to climb in Colorado.

Mount Evans (14,271 ft.)

Mt-Evans-Colorado-14erWithin proximity to Mount Bierstadt and the highest summit of the Chicago Peaks, Mount Evans is southwest by south of Idaho Springs, Colorado in Clear Creek County. One of the characteristic peaks of the Front Range as it dominates the western skyline, Mount Evans can be seen from over 100 miles away to the east and a number of miles in other directions.

Longs Peak (14,249 ft.)

Longs-Peak-Colorado-14erPart of the northern Front Range mountains and located within Rocky Mountain National Park, Longs Peak may be the furthest 14er from our Frisco hotel at about two hours away. This fourteener is the northernmost in the Rockies and the highest point in Boulder County. Easily seen from most of the northern Front Range, Longs Peak, together with nearby Mount Meeker, are sometimes referred to as the Twin Peaks.

As you can see, there are a multitude of options to choose from when visiting the Frisco Lodge. It is advisable to try and tackle these 14ers in July/August and get an early start as afternoon storms are a mainstay that time of year. Just remember to do your research ahead of time … these hikes are no joke as weather and terrain at this altitude can change on a dime. You also need to know some basic points on mountaineering preparation and safety. Check out this link for more information. And, as always, check with one of our front desk agents to learn more about Colorado’s infamous “fourteeners.”