Five Reasons To Be Thankful In Frisco Colorado

Posted by: admin November 22nd, 2016


Living in Frisco, Colorado can be a delightful experience, one that you will be more than impressed when you choose to visit the city. What makes Frisco unique is the fact that once you come here you will have immediate access to some of the greatest ways to spend your holiday. With that in mind, here you have some of the things to be thankful for in Frisco, Colorado!

No Traffic, Free Parking & Walkable Main Street

Tired of the busy I-25 and I-70 traffic? Try driving in Frisco, Colorado. The thing I'm most grateful for is the ability to get around Frisco in a timely manner. No longer are the days of inching a foot every few minutes. Once you get into town there's plenty of free parking along our Main Street. Our walkable Main Street (1 mile long) is filled with decadent eateries, unique shops and lodging options

9th Annual Wassail Days 

The 9th Annual Wassail Days are celebrated by the locals as the means to showcase their appreciation to the local community. The organizers serve wassail, a type of hot spiced cider to the local community. It’s one of the many traditions that you should be thankful for in Frisco, one that you will appreciate quite a bit. The 9th Annual Wassail Days also feature impressive light decorations showcased everywhere in Frisco, especially at the Frisco Lodge bed and breakfast among others. Visit 12 participating locations, punch your Wassail card and return it to the Visitors Center to receive a free commemorative Wassail Days mug. 

Ugly Holiday Sweater Challenge

The Ugly Holiday Sweater Challenge takes place on December 10th and it is a very interesting, memorable event where you engage yourself in a fun, cute holiday sweater challenge. This is one of the events that you will be more than impressed about and one that you should be thankful for as it’s quite exciting. 

Winter Fun Club

The Winter Fun Club can be joined starting with the 26th of December and it lasts until the end of the year. It’s a very fun activity that you will enjoy and appreciate quite a bit. Not only does this make the Winter Fun Club very exciting, but the entire experience is created with quality and value in mind for sure.

Wassail Night at the Museum

What makes the Wassail Night at the Museum so interesting is that it’s created to be an educational event for both kids and adults. It features a lot of unique moments that help everyone have a lot of fun. From stories to interaction, seeing relics and eating some great homemade cookies, the experience offered by the Wassail Night at the Museum is nothing short of amazing. 

Saint Nick is visiting the Frisco Lodge on December 2 from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m.. Get a picture with Santa Claus and try out our homemade Wassail.

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As you can see, living in/visiting Frisco, Colorado can be quite impressive as it does provide you with a very interesting, refined experience! There are many things you should be thankful for when you come to this region, especially during the winter season. So, just don’t hesitate and check out Frisco, Colorado, as you will be amazed with its beauty and the plethora of activities you can perform here during the winter!

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