Top 10 Frisco Colorado Facts

Posted by: admin April 18th, 2017

Are you thinking about visiting Frisco Colorado? Then it’s a good idea to learn more about our charming, mountain town and what it has to offer. With that in mind, we created a list of the top 10 Frisco, Colorado history facts that will help you learn more about what the town had to endure and what industry kept it alive.


1. Who founded the town of Frisco, Colorado?

The town of Frisco, Colorado was founded by Henry Recen in 1873. Henry was a Swedish trapper and miner that built a small cabin on the mountain side. Recen and a handful of miners developed the land and eventually built a railroad that connected the small mountain towns for transportation and goods.

2. Why was Frisco built?

Just like any town, Frisco was built with a reason in mind. In this particular situation, Frisco Colorado was created mostly due to the mining boom found in the area. The gold rush actually started in Colorado, so it’s easy to see why more and more miners wanted to settle in this region!

3. Where does the name Frisco come from?

Frisco wasn’t named after San Francisco, even if it does have a similar name. In fact, the name Frisco is desired from the letters associated with the St Louis- San Francisco Railway company. You have the FR from Francisco, IS from St Louis and CO from Company!

4. How did the Frisco history begin?

An interesting thing about Frisco is that its history began with the Ute Indians. These were the longest inhabitants in the region until the mining boom took control of the Summit County, Colorado.

5. What population did Frisco have at first?

In the beginning, the permanent population was only 250 people, as well as multiple hotels, saloons, businesses and railroads.

6. What is the lowest population reached by Frisco, Colorado?

Just like other towns in the region, Frisco, Colorado was also hit by depression, and in the 1930's it had around 18 people.

7. Did the population come back after the depression?

After the 1930's, which was a very trying time for the Frisco population, the number of people managed to grow considerably. Right now, the town has 2,800 full-time residents.

8. What characteristic of the Frisco history remains intact?

Frisco, Colorado has a colorful history. The architecture of the late 1800's shines through our Main Street. Despite the fact that modernism did catch up here, Frisco still has an historic charm that makes it stand out.

9. What industry got the most growth in the region?

The reason why Frisco Colorado has a pretty high number of full-time residents now is thanks to the ski industry. The mining industry helped start the infrastructure in Frisco, CO but the ski industry is what brought it a major growth.

10. What were the first inhabitants of Frisco, Colorado called?

It’s quite interesting to note that the first residents of Frisco were called mountain men. They were trapped in the mountain lakes during particularly heaving storms and managed to survive using primitive tools.

As you can see, Frisco is a place of wonders and incredibly rewarding experiences. It shines, and it shows just how amazing this town is. Don’t hesitate and visit Frisco, Colorado right now, you will not be disappointed!