Top 30 Things of Chelsey Garcia

Posted by: admin November 4th, 2018

When I left my home state of Georgia nearly two years ago, I had no idea where my travels would take me. My plan was to work seasonal positions while I traveled around the world and maybe, hopefully, went back to school to get my degree in English Literature or Creative Writing. Life, as they say, is what happens when you're busy making plans. I left Georgia behind and worked in the Grand Teton National Park during the summer of 2017 and yes, I did get to see the eclipse. When summer ended, I found myself in Keystone, Colorado. Things were going great until they suddenly took a turn for the worst. I fractured my ankle in January, spent six months on medical leave, then lost my job in March. My family begged me just to come home, but I persevered and in June, in the middle of the Bar-B-Que Festival, I had my interview with Ashley and Kristin of the Frisco Lodge. Three days later, and I was the newest member of a tiny staff with a big personality.

Chelsey Senior photo.jpg

My 30 favorite things:

1. Book to read on a cold day - The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede or Something Wicked by Ray Bradbury

2. Saying/quote - What's past is prologue.

3. Go on vacation for a week - Destin, Florida. There is a water park there called The Big Kahunas. It's amazing.

4. A piece of jewelry - The ring my best friend bought for me before she moved to Florida. It's simple and dainty and I never take it off.

5. A place to grab a quick bite - City Market. I love their sushi.

6. Holiday - Halloween. I love the creative process of pulling together a costume that I can also wear during the rest of the year.

Halloween in Summit County

7. Walking spot - Lake Dillon Marina. It's gorgeous, there are plenty of shops around, and it has great food.

8. Song to listen to while waiting for the bus - The playlist for whatever project I'm working on. Really into the song Greek tragedy by the Wombats, though.

9. Hobby - Writing, for sure. I feel like that's more of a lifestyle, though. I also really enjoy gaming and reading.

10. Season - Fall. The weather is perfect and I get to start preparing for winter.

11. Soup - My mom's Taco Soup. I have the recipe and I still can't get it to taste like hers.

12. Memory from childhood - Our yearly trip to Tennessee. I got sick on the drive up every year, but my extended family would forever be waiting for us at my aunt's house where she always had a giant pot of spaghetti on the stove.

13. Store to spend (almost) a paycheck on - Walmart. Not gonna lie, I like to save. Also, they have notebooks for less than a dollar most days.

14. A particular scent in the fall - Boiled peanuts and bonfires. We didn't really have a lot to do during the fall in my hometown outside of bonfires and high school football games.

15. Show to binge watch during a snowstorm - Supernatural. Or Sherlock. Maybe Sword Art Online if I'm in the mood.

16. Homemade gift - The ornament my ex-boyfriend's mom made me the year my marching band chose Wicked as their show theme. I left it at my mom's so it wouldn't break on the way up here. Now, I have to figure out how to get it here without breaking it.

17. Collection - My mugs. Or my books. Or my notebooks. I have a lot of collections.

18. Video game or board game - Video game - Dragon Age: Inquisition. Board Game - either Betrayal at the House on the Hill or Cards Against Humanity.

19. First thing I notice when meeting a new person - Their clothing, especially if they are wearing some sort of fan gear.

20. A thing I can't live without - Pen and paper. I write down literally everything.

21. Animal - Cats. I'm allergic to them, but we have a lot in common.

22. An event you will remember your entire life - The day I left for Wyoming. It was my first time flying alone, and my first time moving to a different state.

23. Motivation - Happiness. Making others happy as well as myself.

24. Way to recover from an injury - Binge watch childhood movies with friends.

25. A joke that always makes me LOL - Puns. absolutely godawful puns. The nerdier, the better.

26. Writing style - Descriptive. I love to be able to read something and be able to envision it so clearly that it almost seems real.

27. A luxury item you can't live without - My gaming consoles. Particularly, my DS and my Nintendo 64.

28. Memory from high school - Marching Band. Seriously, though. I miss those days.

29. Volunteer project - Anything creative or working with kids.

30. A place to be inspired by - Japan. There is such a blending of ages, of decades past and places that we won't reach until the far future. It's a wonderful source of inspiration.