Top Apps You Can Run Without Wifi On Your Flight

Posted by: admin November 4th, 2016

Apps without wifi

So, you have decided to go on a long journey on the plane for your next vacation to the Frisco Lodge? However, you are concerned that, unlike last time where you were not able to enjoy your flight because of lack of music, movies, games, or even books, you do not want a repeat of the same. The good news is that, without wifi, you can do the things that you want using your smart phone or tablet. 

Let us find out how to play games, listen to music, watch movies, and read books, when there is no Internet connection. The moment you enter the plane, you normally set it to airplane mode. That means, the chances of getting Internet connection is less. This is when making use of apps that work in planes without the need for Internet connection is required. 

Use games and media

Fill up your playlist before you take off. My favorite thing to do is to make a playlist that is as long as my flight so as soon as the last Killers song plays, my plane has touched down at the Denver International Airport. 

When playing games on apps choosing games that take some time to complete is a good idea. Angry birds would be a perfect choice for a family gaming app. For the solo players, Solitaire is always a great option.

Flic is a good app to get rid of unwanted phone photos in your library. I have spent a whole flight flicking though my various albums to free up space on my phone. You will be amazed at the storage you will save after you purge your photos.

Viewing a movie requires you to download video players like BS Player, VLC, and PlayerXtreme HD on your smart phone. However, you will want to know that these tasks consume lot of battery. Hence always make sure that the plane offers you with a charging port, otherwise, you are better off not using them. 

Consider reading a book

For those of you who are not the kind of traveler, who likes to play video games or prefer listening to music and viewing movies, then consider reading a book. The need to carry a real book with you is not there. You can use your smart phone as a reader. Books can be downloaded beforehand and then played. 

Audio books do not require you to keep your eyes open all the time. When you want before viewing then consider making use of a tablet. The tablets are pretty large and provide you with a good experience. If you want to read the book, then you can download the ebook and then read it using your smart phone or tablet. 

Always make sure that you are using a decent smart phone or a branded tablet when traveling on the plane or train. Maybe you are going on a hike or trail ride. Whatever the kind of journey, the kind of device you are using must be reliable and not give up on you, especially when you need it the most. 

Safe travels to and from the Frisco Lodge!

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