Top Four Instagram Photoshoots You Can Snap In Colorado

Posted by: admin September 17th, 2019

Top Four Instagram Photoshoots You Can Snap-In Colorado

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Colorado is the place to be if you are looking for Instagram worthy pictures! It is a breathtakingly beautiful place, and you will do justice to your eyes when you witness this amazing place. All you need is a good photographer who knows your best angles and a reasonable smartphone. You are good to go! In a place like, Colorado, you can find many places that are just perfect for your Instagram photoshoots. 

Let’s have a look at some of such places that will be suitable for your pictures:

Breckenridge near Boreas Pass Road:

boreas pass colorado.jpg

The trees try their best to touch the sky while they stand on top of high mountains. It is the perfect site if you are looking for a picture that will give out that look! Also, when the sun sets, the street lamps and the holiday lights brighten the scene up! The perfect time for you to capture a picture here is dusk when the pink light shines on the mountain tops, making is the scenery that needs capturing. You will be able to get a memorable shot there! 

Pikes Peak Summit:

The Pikes Peak is near the Colorado Springs in the Summit Country, Colorado. The view can be witnessed from Siamese Twins that are situated in the Garden of the Gods. It can easily be named one of the coolest views in the state. What makes it stand out is the red sandstone peaks and this is exactly why the peaks are known as the national natural landmark of the state. The perfect time to get your Instagram picture captured is early Dawn when the sky contrasts the red sandstone pike peak. It will definitely be Instagram worthy! 

Colorado National Monument:


This one is near Grand Junction and close to Fruita. When you visit the National Monument, you will be able to experience a lot. There are numerous wind and water sculptured figures. Moreover, there are a lot of shapes that have been inspired by things like a kissing couple or praying hands. You will definitely be amazed when you visit the National Monument as it carried a lot of history and stories behind all this. When you do visit the monument, keep in mind that you will have to be patient to get the right shot as the fog comes and goes and may even hide a figure or two! 

Chautauqua Park:


If you want to get a picture with the iconic peaks of Boulder, you need not worry as most people are able to get the right angles! After you do get the right shot, don’t forget to visit the dining hall as the tea is great and you will be able to enjoy the cocktails as well. This tradition has been going on since 1898. The picture you capture will be full of nature as that is exactly what the park will depict.