Top Photo Taking Apps For Your Phone

Posted by: admin November 16th, 2016


If you like to take photographs, then you are in dire need of camera apps. These apps are mostly free to use and when they can immensely help you with your photography, then why not consider using them to enhance your photographs. 


The Manual camera app helps you to access the iPhone camera app, to the pro settings. The camera app in the iPhone is good, but it does not come with features that it ought to have. The white balance, shutter speed, ISO, exposure, and focus can be adjusted. These can really affect the image quality of the photograph. 

The photo map and histogram are integrated into the viewfinder interface. This can help when you want to review and frame your shots. Reviewing and framing photographs are another crucial factor. This can help you get as close to the subject you want. You can also select to make use of the action to get the ideal results. 

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is used on the Android. It gives you better control over your photographs. The app comes with an option of nine crop guides and ten composition grids on the viewfinder screen. 


The Camera360 is a very popular camera app which is frequently used on Android. The app initially was not taken seriously because of it funny stickers feature. But you will want to know that there are several features in the app. There are editing tools that can help you straighten and crop and is an Instagram-style filters which you can experiment. 

The filters can be cropped when taken the photographs and it is time saving. The need to pick one afterwards is not required. It can get sometimes annoying when you have to shoot the pictures and then crop it for some reason. That is not the case here at all. The social media options are also there. 


Those of you who have not heard about Camera+ will want to know that the app has been around for many years now. The level of photography is decent. The main thing which you will want to notice in this app is the interface. It is simple and you can feel that the maker has put in immense levels of effort into it. 

It comes with a range of filters, instant focus, HDR mode, exposure controls, preset modes, and a light box feature. The feature allows you to review the photographs you have snapped. When you are using a manual control, then it makes the photo shooting quite simple and tweaking them very easy. 

As you can see, thanks to the nature photography apps photo taking and tweaking them has become an easy task. The need to install too many software and then run around here and there is not required. Just download the app, take the photographs, and then tweak as and when you want to.

Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, you would love the fact that these apps come with several features can really help you with what you are looking for.