Vail Resorts reservation system for pass holders and what it means.

Vail Resorts Reservation for the 2020-2021 Ski Season

Posted by: admin September 11th, 2020


Let’s talk about the ski season. This year is looking a bit different, and that goes with all the resorts. So far, we have a bit of information on some of the brands, and what they plan on doing for their pass holders and day pass purchasers. Here is the breakdown of Vail Resorts which in our immediate area own: Breckenridge, Keystone, Vail, and Beaver Creek.

Keystone opening day is November 6th
Breckenridge opening day is November 13th
Vail opening day is November 20th
Beaver Creek opening day is November 25th

The last day to purchase season passes for the lowest price is September 17th for all Vail owned Resorts. With the pass, you will receive exclusive early season access, which means NO DAILY LIFT TICKETS WILL BE SOLD TILL DECEMBER 8th!!! Early season reservations can be booked up to a week prior to the day.

Priority Reservation Days for the core season, which is December 8th through April 4th. If you are planning a trip and know the days, you can reserve early and book seven Priority Reservation Days (Dec 8-April 4) before lift tickets go on sale.

As a pass holder, you can make as many week-of-reservations during the season as your pass type allows and is based on availably. This is in addition to your Priority Reservation Days. As each Priority Reservation Day is used, you can book new ones equaling up to the seven at any time, or as many as your pass type allows.

You will be able to view real-time availability and make reservations all in one place: They will activate your pass for the selected days, so you only need to bring your pass to access the mountain. The reservation window opens on November 6th

Takeaways: if you know when your vacation is, buy a season pass so you can make sure you get the days you need and want. Set yourself up to book your needed days on November 6th, when the website is live, and ensure that you will be able to ski and ride those days. If you are planning shorter day trips, keep the website saved on your phone, tablet, computer, whatever you use so you can keep active and jump on for that week of reservation slots, and work towards getting as many days this season you can! We have a lot of making up to do!

Once you know the days you will be playing on the mountain, call us to ensure your lodging is set (1.800.279.6000)! We look forward to a new ski season, and jumping through the craziness with all our guests, but know we will be right there with you jumping on to get those days.

Here’s to a great winter season!


*But let’s have a fabulous fall, shall we! *